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Building Block…

…off of the surprising Oakland pick (and win) Thursday night.  Sure, they had 85 plays at the end of the game to get the winning TD.  But they will take it…and so will I.  Let’s see if we can keep the positive momentum going.

Again on the picks last week.  They were so bad, I don’t want to spend any time on reviewing them this week.  And…since the Pats barely beat the Jets last week, and got a huge break on the fumble/non-TD call by the refs on the Seferian-Jenkins play, I don’t want to talk about that either.  Well not that much anyway.  If the Jets coaches targeted Johnson Bademosi more than twice the entire game, the result may have been different.  Bademosi is a special teamer only and was forced to play all game at corner due to injuries, after not having played a SINGLE snap on defense all season.  Gotta love the J-E-T-S!!  In any event…

Tampa Bay at Buffalo (-3.5)

Jameis Winston is apparently back in the saddle.  Sadly, that means Ryan Fitzpatrick will be back on the bench.  Always great to see Fitzy, especially in yet another uniform.  Still not buying into Buffalo.  And Tampa probably needs the game more.

Tampa Bay 24, Buffalo 13.

Tennessee (-6.5) at Cleveland 

I thought the Browns would at least cover the almost double-digit spread last week.  I’m not making that mistake again.

Tennessee 31, Cleveland 10.

Carolina (-3.5) at Chicago

Mitchell Trubisky still needs some time.  Carolina will have a week and a half to bounce back from their loss to the Eagles.  Feel like their D will be up for the challenge.

Carolina 27, Chicago 12.

New York Jets at Miami (-3.5)

AFC East “battle”.  I hope for both fans’ sake the game is blacked out on TV.

Miami 17, New York Jets 13.

Arizona at Los Angeles Rams (-3.5)

If the Adrian Peterson revival is for real, there could be a lot of points put up in this one.  Wait, there will probably be a lot of points being put up anyway.

Los Angeles Rams 37, Arizona 31.

Baltimore at Minnesota (-5.5) 

The Ravens are somehow 3-3 and they stink.  Maybe John Harbaugh will finally go away after this year.

Minnesota 24, Baltimore 16.

New Orleans (-5.5) at Green Bay

Brett Hundley?  No thanks.

New Orleans 31, Green Bay 21.

Jacksonville (-3.5) at Indianapolis

The Jags are alternating wins and losses every week this season.  This is the W week.  Nothing else to see here.

Jacksonville 34, Indianapolis 24.

Dallas (-5.5) at San Francisco

The Niners are 0-6.  They lost their first game by 20 points.  Then the next 5 each by less than 3.  I feel like that streak may end this week.  But not the way the Niners will hope.

Dallas 37, San Francisco 23.

Seattle (-6.5) at New York Giants

Does the dominant performance by the G-Men over Denver last week mean they are back on track?  I’m saying no.

Seattle 27, New York Giants 17.  

Denver at Los Angeles Chargers (-1.5)

The Broncos have been inconsistent this season.  The Chargers have been competitive.  Denver was brutal last week at home.  The Chargers are 0-3 in their new home.  So what happens?  This one may actually be a good divisional matchup.

Denver 24, Los Angeles Chargers 21.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (-5.5)

I’d like to think that the Steelers win in Kansas City last week puts them back on track for the season.  I suppose you never know this year.  But against the Bengals, maybe the Steelers prove they are back.

Pittsburgh 27, Cincinnati 17.

Atlanta at New England (-3.5)  

“Super Bowl Rematch”  Ummmmmm, nope.  New year for one.  But for two, both teams have been extremely mediocre this year.  Hopefully when the lights are on, they can revisit the past…for one night anyway.  The Pats are down a couple of cornerbacks.  That may work against the Jets.  Doubt it will work against the Falcons.  Then again, Atlanta has lost their last two to the Dolphins and Bills at home.  So who knows?

Atlanta 37, New England 34.

Washington at Philadelphia (-5.5)  

Philly’s on a roll, but let’s not rule the ‘Skins out quite yet.  I’m not sure Philly, or anyone, is going to run away with the NFC East.  Washington lost to the Eagles at home on Opening Week.  Perhaps the tables are turned in Philadelphia this time around.

Washington 28, Philadelphia 27.

Week (against the spread):  1-0

Week (straight up):  1-0

Season (against the spread): 42-50

Season (straight up): 55-37

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