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Week old Thanksgiving leftovers…

…I’m eating them in real life, so why not some catch up on some leftovers here?

*Seems like a lot of people have been saying that the Patriots really played great against Green Bay this past Sunday.  Yes, they only lost by 5 points.  But I fail to see how they played great.  People are specifically saying the defense played great.  Now, I didn’t study the film, but I am a little confused by these assertions.

The Packers punted exactly once.

The Packers were 10-17 on third down…and it felt like 16-17, since they controlled the clock the whole game.

The Packers had several 25 plus yard plays, including that killer one to Jordy Nelson at the end of the first half.

Somehow, the Patriots had 3 sacks (and a HUGE one by Akeem Ayers that was wiped out by penalty.  No one talks about this one early in the game.  Ayers makes the sack deep in GB territory.  Would have been 3rd and forever.  But Brandon Browner slaps Jordy Nelson in the head with a “block”, the sack does not count, and GB marches down and scores.  This was a big one to me.  Stupid penalty.  But I digress…), but pass rush was nonexistent.  Aaron Rodgers had all day to throw…always.  Coverage may have been good for the most part, yes.  But give Rodgers (or anyone really) 12 seconds to survey the field and throw, bad things are bound to happen.

The offense was ok.  But some of the coaching decisions were baffling.  Right off the top, not running the ball against this defense.  Playing Brandon Bolden at all (great TD run and one before that notwithstanding).  When running early in the game, going with Shane Vereen between the tackles.  Playing Aaron Dobson at all.  And Marcus Cannon as the 6th offensive lineman was an abject failure.

As I watched the game live, surprised the Packers didn’t win by 20 plus.

As long as the Patriots cruise through the next 4 weeks, which they should, despite 3 of the teams being in the playoff chase (San Diego, Miami and Buffalo), last Sunday won’t matter.  But there is no room for error anymore since the Broncos should cruise through the next 4 weeks as well.  And the Patriots need the home field advantage more for sure.

Winnable game that got away.

*Will Jon Lester please sign somewhere so I can be done with it?  Reports now that the Yankees and Dodgers are now involved.  We know the Cubs and Red Sox are.  Teams like Atlanta, St. Louis and San Francisco have been mentioned, though likely long shots.

Is anyone surprised that the Yanks are now being mentioned?  Instead of going through all this foolishness, they tell the agents at the beginning to get back to them at the end of the process.  If they then feel like it, they will make an offer.  I’d love it if the Red Sox went with this method…at least on the big fish.  Instead of Uncle Larry Lucchino lowballing Lester last spring at 4 years, 70 mil.  And lowballing him now for allegedly 6/130 (while the Cubs are supposedly 6/138).  Just top the offer if you want him already.  Instead of trying to force the “hometown discount”.  Unless you don’t want him.

But why not just sign the guy instead of trading 5 prospects for an ace?  Seems like a no-brainer.  But it’s Larry, so what do ya want?

*Speaking of Lester and St. Louis and all…there is talk the Cardinals will rip up the 500k contract for John Lackey and give him a new one.  You know, the 500k that he willingly signed for Boston, but wouldn’t play for…but would happily play for in St. Louis?  Why on God’s Green Earth would St. Louis do that?  The guy is going to be a major jackass for them at some point this year, regardless of whether he is making 500k or 20 mil.  So make him play for the 500k.  He signed the original contract with that language in it, hold him to it.

*Guess I was wrong in a previous post about the Celtics being entertaining to watch.  Rajon Rondo has been atrocious (ok, harsh, but I still just want him out of town).  Kelly Olynyk has regressed…as have most of the others.  Marcus Smart got hurt.  And Jeff Green is still…Jeff Green.  Is it almost time to start unloading players Danny?  Or are we still waiting to see who the contenders are?  Don’t we already know?  Hurry up already…

*Speaking of deals, I feel like the Bruins need to make a splash.  I know David Krejci and Zdeno Chara are out with injuries.  And Adam McQuaid too if that floats your boat.  But this team needs some sort of kick in the arse.  And some better players.  That always helps.

The team has done a decent job of staying afloat despite the injuries.  And the total ineffectiveness of “go to guys” like Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand.  It’s nice to see some of the kids up and playing like David Pastrnak and Joe Morrow.  Gets them some experience at the very least I guess.  But this team cannot score.  Is it all because of Krejci?  Maybe Seth Griffith is a future goal scorer.  But he can’t score if Claude keeps scratching him.

Do we wait until healthy bodies return and all the lines and defensive pairings stabilize?  Maybe.  But I know who the guys are on the roster that Claude will play when everyone is healthy.  And it doesn’t excite me, that’s for sure.  I say make a blockbuster.  Maybe trade Loui, Fraser, Reilly and Morrow for Peverley and Seguin?  Har har har…

By the by, is everyone else excited that Peter Chiarelli locked Krejci up to a huge extension and then he starts missing games and then the whispers start about “chronic hip condition”?  Me neither…

*Last, but by all means, not least?  REVS, REVS, REVS, REVS!!!  The New England Revolution (the local entry in Major League Soccer, in case people did not know) will be playing for the fifth time for the MLS Cup on Sunday.  They are 0-4, but hey, at least, as Jonathan Kraft said (actually this afternoon on talk radio), “we have been to more than any other team”.  Guess it doesn’t matter to him if they actually win one or not…a disturbing idea, as the Kraft’s have been accused of that with the Patriots in recent years.

Anyway, they say 32,000 showed up at Gillette Stadium last weekend for the game that propelled them to the final.  Seems hard to believe.  Maybe soccer is on the rise here…finally.  Hell, I even listened to the 2nd half of the game ON THE RADIO.  Talk about something that seems hard to believe.  And although there is NFL football on the docket for Sunday, the MLS Cup does not interfere with the Patriots.  So I may indulge in a little soccer action then too.

Can’t believe I wrote all that about the Revs.  But hey, gotta root on all local teams, no?

And no, Boston College does not count.


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