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Playing catch-up…the final chapter…

This one is going to be total gibberish.  But it is what it is…

*So the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup.  I was actually rooting for the San Jose Sharks, with our old friend Jumbo Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau finally getting to the Finals after 18 years.  The #1 and #2 picks of the 1997 draft still getting it done.  And the organization itself.  No Cup wins or even Finals appearances.  Easy to root for them over say, the whiny Sidney Crosby.  Or the arse-clown Phil Kessel.

Pittsburgh was clearly the better team though, congratulations to them.  But Martin Jones…man.  The guy played pretty awesome.  Faced a lot of rubber.  Wish the Bruins could have players like that!  Ok, funny, I know.  He had a solid 5 day stint with the team last summer.

Listen, I have always said that I would pay very few NHL goalies ridiculous dollars, since you should be able to get a decent goalie for a reasonable price.  And it’s no secret I would deal Tuukka Rask in a heartbeat.  But a lot of Bruins fans are saying they would’ve kept Jones and that he would’ve performed better than Tuuks.  I have suggested it.  But how do we really know?  The B’s defense was so bad this year, Jones could’ve had a goals against average over 3.00 for all we know.  When Claude’s system is right, a lot of guys could play goal and look awesome.  This year, even Jonathan Quick or Patrick Roy in his prime could have been putrid with that D.

We also have to consider that no one thought the first round pick the Bruins acquired in the deal would wind up at the end of the first round.  Maybe a mid-first round pick at the time…and the Sean Kuraly kid…what if he is any good as well?  Seemed like a fairly good return for an unproven backup goalie…at the time for sure.  So I’ve changed my tune…as much as I hate to give Bruins management ANY benefit of the doubt.  Let’s let the trade play out before we bemoan the “loss” of Jones.

But let’s still trade Tuukka.

*It’s a nice gesture, ESPN bringing on Craig Sager for some sideline reporting for Game 6.  You know I have no use for sideline reporters.  But the dude is popular with…everyone.  He’s never worked the Finals, despite a long career in the game.  And everyone knows about his battle with cancer and the uncertain amount of time he has left.  ESPN doing something positive…whoda thunk it?!

*But the NBA assigning Scott Foster to ref Game 6?  Still hard to believe he’s working in the league…what with his whole connection to the Tim Donaghy gambling scandal about a decade ago.  No way Donaghy was the only guy involved and his best buddy appeared to be Foster.  Par for the course with the league when you think about it though.  Too many rumors about things in the NBA being “fixed” that you’d have to think some of the questions are legit.  And now Stephen Curry just fouled out for the first time in years…though Foster didn’t make the final foul call, I’ll give him that…

*Speaking of Game 6, it’ll be over before this is posted.  But there will be a Game 7.  The Warriors kept trying to get back into the game, but couldn’t pull it off.  Some foul trouble in this game and with Andrew Bogut out, guys like Andre Iguodala hobbling now and LeBron stepping up his game and making me look a little silly…does that mean the Cavaliers have a chance in Game 7 at Golden State?  Anything can happen, but my money’s still on the Warriors.  I just can’t see them losing at home in a Game 7.  But I’ve been wrong plenty before…

*Another banner game for Kevin Love:  12 minutes, 7 points, 3 boards, 3 fouls.  Ouch.

*Don’t look now everyone, Clay Buchholz threw another 3 innings of scoreless mop up tonight!  That’s 4 scoreless mop-up appearances out of 5.  Get ready for his re-entry into the rotation when they finally need that 5th starter again.  Can’t wait for John Farrell to put some major spin on it as well.

*Of course, seeing that the Sox actually need yet another starter with Eduardo Rodriguez not really “back” yet.  Joe Kelly is allegedly hurt in Pawtucket.  Henry Owens is still walking everyone down there as well.  Welcome to your chance at the role, Roenis Elias!!  That’s how I see it.  Yuck…

*Does Farrell know that he has Robbie Ross Jr. at his disposal?  Granted, Ross is no All-Star, but he has pitched pretty decent for the Sox since he came aboard last year.  Yet Matt Barnes has gotten the ball 8 more times than him this year.  Matt Barnes?  Why is Farrell force feeding him down our throats?  Unnecessary.

*Farrell told us in April that Chris Young got in the lineup more often than he probably should have because he “needed the at-bats to stay sharp.”  So that wouldn’t hold true for Rusney Castillo now?

*Deflategate turned 500 days old like a week or two ago.  Let’s get ready for 500 more!  In all actuality, I think I have given up.  Suspend Brady for all I care, play Jimmy Football (Garoppolo) the 4 games and go at least 3-1.  Brady comes back fresh and pissed.  The team wins a Super Bowl.  And Jimmy G gets dealt for something useful next offseason because, you know, now Jacoby Brissett is the QB of the future…

*Speaking of Jimmy Football, Johnny Football (Manziel) has been quiet…for like a week anyway.  I’ve never rooted for someone to crash and burn as badly as I have for Manziel.  I feel kind of bad about that.  But if he ever confronts me about it, he can’t say he hasn’t asked for it.

*Mike Carey got fired as CBS’ officiating “expert” last week.  Hallelujah!!!  I’ve never really rooted for anyone to lose their job…besides Farrell I guess…actually there are probably dozens more…but bear with me.  Carey was downright atrocious though.  I mean, real bad.  He only had the job for 2 years, but it felt like more.  He should’ve been gone after 2 weeks.

*Aaron Dobson apparently played well in Patriot OTA’s last week.  What a shocker.  Comes up big when the lights are off.  Can’t wait until he disappears again when it counts.  Or gets hurt.  Or both…the more likely scenario.

*Alex Khokhlachev is heading to the KHL.  Another young offensively talented guy that Claude couldn’t find room for.  Khokh may actually suck, but we will never know.  He never got a chance.

*Hey!  The “Can you hear me now” Verizon guy is now with Sprint.  Didn’t see that one coming.  There is no loyalty anywhere anymore!!

*MLB draft.  Who cares, right?  But I’d love to know more about the dude the Red Sox got.  Jason Groome.  Supposedly could have been the top overall pick but fell to #12.  Could be money concerns, could be maturity issues, could be this, could be that.  A lot of uncertainty.  Throw in the fact that he is 17 and add some more uncertainty.  Welp, I guess we will see what happens.  I can tell you this much:  I’m not expecting much from high draft pick pitchers coming directly from high school…at least in the Sox organization.

*I wish I had something more intelligent and meaningful to say about the recent deaths of Muhammad Ali and “Mr. Hockey”, Gordie Howe.  Excellent athletes in their respective sports.  But I never really saw them perform…certainly not in their prime anyway.  Sure, plenty of video exists, but it’s nothing like witnessing their feats live.  Ali of course had some political and religious beliefs that were controversial, to sum it up in one word.  But those go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond the scope of this piece.  The best I can do here is probably just “R.I.P.”, sad to say.

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