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All Star bogacity-Part 2 (Better late than never…)

Right on time, per usual.  Here is my National League team.  Based on the 34 man rosters (21 position players, 13 pitchers).  Every team represented.  No liberties here.  (S-starter…probably quite obvious…)

C:  Molina (S), Posey, LuCroy

Notes:  Looks like 3 C’s again.  It’s close, but Molina gets the start over Posey.  D.

1B:  Goldschmidt (S), Votto, Craig, Freeman

Notes:  Numbers are fairly similar, Goldy has more RBI’s, Votto takes more walks.  Tiebreaker must be that Goldy actually has 10 SB’s.  OK, that wasn’t the tiebreaker, but you could go either way here too.  4 1B, Craig can play some OF if necessary.  Or 3B.  Not well, but he could.

2B:  Carpenter (S), Phillips

Notes:  Ouch.  Weak position.  Phillips has a ton of RBI, but last I looked his OPS is lower than guys like Aoki, Garrett Jones, Valbuena and Uggla.  Need someone to back up though.  And it won’t be Valbuena.

3B:  Wright (S), Alvarez

Notes:  Opposite of AL here, this is a weak one for the NL too.  Alvarez kind of makes it by default, though if you take away April the numbers are pretty good.  But no wonder why Scutaro made the real team this year.  Of course having his manager pick him in real life helped too.

SS:  Tulowitzki (S), Segura, E. Cabrera 

Notes:  Still gotta go with Tulo here, despite him missing time.  Wanted to take Desmond over Cabrera, but he is the Padres rep.  No one else even close on that team.  Jason Marquis?  Please.  So much for Chase Headley too.

OF:  C. Gonzalez (S), C. Gomez (S), Beltran (S).  Left to Right.  Reserves:  McCutchen, D. Brown, Cuddyer, Choo

Notes:  CarGo in LF.  Though I hate to still put all these Colorado players in.  Cuddyer is all of a sudden an All-Star?  Fowler was in the conversation?  Denver.  You could make an argument for McCutchen over Beltran.  Maybe even Brown.  But tried to keep true to actual positions as much as possible.  Choo’s having an underrated year.  Someone check Marlon Byrd for PEDs please.  He was somehow up for consideration.

SP:  Kershaw (S), Harvey, Wainwright, J. Fernandez, Lee, G. Gonzalez, Corbin, Zimmerman, Bumgarner, Wood

Notes:  Harvey probably rightfully started in his home park, but Kershaw should have really gotten the call.  Lot of quality candidates left off too.  Couldn’t take Locke over the rest…actually would have taken him over Wood, but he is clearly the Cubs rep.  Miller, Minor, Strasburg, maybe even AJ Burnett had cases.  Leake is having a good year too.  Only so many spots though.  Fernandez gets a spot as the Marlins rep, but it is deserved.  No one is talking about Gio this year (besides the Biogenesis stuff…oops), but the numbers are there.

MP:  None.

Notes:  Still can’t here.  Especially after the catastrophe Melancon was in Boston last year.  Now he’s back in the lesser league and dominating in middle relief and he is supposed to be an All-Star?  Nope.  Brothers, Clippard doing well, as is some guy I’ve never heard of on Atlanta, Luis Avilan.  But I’m good here.

CP:  Kimbrel (S), Grilli, Mujica

Notes:  Grilli may be the popular pick based on his road to the game at age 36.  But Kimbrel is the man.  Was only going with 2 closers and was going to add another starter.  But then I realized Mujica had only walked 2 guys in 44 appearances so far.  Pretty remarkable.  Some other guys decent…Chapman, Romo, Pap for the most part.  But went with starters for good reason.

That’s that…

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