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Flotsam and Jetsam, Part I

Brain dumping from the past few days:

*Did anyone see John Lackey’s pitching line from this past weekend?  5 innings, 13 hits, 9 earned runs, 2 walks, 3 K’s, 3 bombs.  No one laughed harder than me.  Couldn’t happen to a better guy.  Hope it happens again.  Repeatedly.  The guy is a clown.  And I was in favor of paying him several years ago!  Thought you can never have enough pitching.  He’s a decent pitcher, #3, maybe a #2.  Pitched in big games.  Figured he’d be able to handle Boston.  Yes, they overpaid quite a bit.  But they were going to spend it one way or the other.  Wakefield, Dice-K, even Beckett and Buchholz…didn’t know what you would get from each of them.

He pitched ok his first year.  Nothing spectacular, ERA was about a half a run higher than usual.  But decent enough.  Then he completely sucked in 2011.  Blamed injury.  Of course.  And it turned out he was hurt.  But why pitch if you are hurt that bad?  To prove “toughness”?  Stupid.  Came back and obviously contributed to a World Series winner last year.

But all his actions spoke volumes.  Always making faces on the mound.  Showing up teammates when they didn’t make a play he thought they should (although his teammates always inexplicably backed him).  Surly with the press when they asked relevant questions.  Etc.  Then this year making noise about retiring instead of playing for the 500k HE SIGNED for.  Then saying he would in St. Louis right off the bat.  Enough of that joker.  Good riddance.

*Glad to see Carl Crawford still whining about his Boston experience.  Hey Carl, no one forced you to take that ridiculous contract.  You could have said “no”.  I know the chances of that were slim and none, since the money was just stupid.  But he could have.  Something tells me his Dodger experience isn’t much better…well, I guess they don’t care out there similar to Tampa.  But he’s atrocious out there too.  Just shut up.

*Great to see John Farrell still managing like he is in the World Series.  Or that he has a chance this year still.  The Sox bring up guys, he is afraid to use them.  Corey Brown has been on the roster for over a week and he can’t even hit for the pitcher in any game.  Probably only played Dan Butler because Christian Vazquez played 19 innings the night before.  Jackie Bradley Jr. is glued to the bench.  Will Middlebrooks has not played much recently, until Farrell decided to essentially bench JBJ and moved Brock Holt to CF.  Daniel Nava is playing just about every day.  Junichi Tazawa and Koji Uehara are still overworked.

Listen, I understand Farrell (and the team) want to win games.  But even though JBJ is 0 for his last million, he should be playing every day the rest of the year.  And even though I am just about off the bandwagon on Will, he needs to play every day too.  Play Butler more to see if he can play even a smidge.  Throw some young pitchers in 8th and 9th inning situations to see if they can cut it.  You know what you have in Nava.  Let other guys play and develop.  Or not develop.  But let’s keep them out there.

*It’s been several days since the Patriots’ first exhibition game.  Needed this much time to digest that atrocity.  I think we’ve all heard Ryan Mallett being torn to shreds on the radio and in print.  Some of it is well deserved.  He has been here for now 4 exhibition seasons and he never looks like he gets better.  Granted, he never gets game reps.  But still.  Thought they may have had a steal when they drafted him in the 3rd round.  Looks doubtful now.  We shall see what happens this week.

I thought Jimmy Garoppolo certainly sparked the team.  But let’s not go overboard.  It was the 2nd half of the first exhibition game against scrubs, one of whom may or may not be at my door in 2 or 3 weeks delivering my Chinese food.  I can tell you that I can’t wait to see more though.

Thankfully, most of the starters took the night off.  Not so thankfully, the reserves looked like crap.  Hope they go on the upswing.

There’s really no point in analyzing that particular game anymore.  Long way to go.  Jeez, they cut 3 guys the other day and signed 3 tight ends.  None of those 3 are going to make the roster I imagine.  Just trying to cover the position until the regular season.  And block enough so the QB doesn’t get killed.  They also made two (very) minor trades today.  Roster will continue to be in flux until even after Week One, when vets can be signed and not have to guarantee their salaries.

Up next?  Part II.  Some unexpected topics.  I can promise you that…

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