Told ya so…

…but the natives are getting restless.  Especially after this uninspiring 3 game stretch for the Boston Celtics following the NBA trading deadline.

The “told ya so” was for the fact I didn’t expect Danny Ainge to do anything last Thursday.  I wish he did something…at least get some sort of big man who could get a few rebounds.  But certainly not surprised he didn’t.  Just had that hunch all along.

To reiterate from the last piece, I do not blame Danny for standing pat.  The names you heard that were the targets, primarily Paul George and Jimmy Butler, carried plenty of risks.  First of all, the Pacers and Bulls, respectively, really did not want to trade those players by all indications.  So apparently they were asking for the sun, the moon and the stars.  Which I would do too under those circumstances.  But Ainge was smart in not giving it to them.  Whatever was left on the C’s roster if they made a deal like that still may not have been enough to supplant the Cavs, so what’s the point?

Then…the Brooklyn picks.  The more I hear about the 2017 draft, the more I hear that there could be several great players coming out of it.  Who really knows with all these college guys, but it seems to be a deeper draft than last year.  And a draft that could produce some studs.  We’ll see, but if you are not going to get past the Cavaliers under almost any scenario, why would you rush to give one of those picks up?

So the “big deal” not happening didn’t disappoint me.  But the “minor deal” not being struck kind of bothered me.  Sure, this type of deal would not have made the Celtics champions.  But if the deal brought in some size and rebounding skill, it certainly wouldn’t have hurt.  Some of the lesser players acquired went for cheap as well.  Nerlens Noel, P.J. Tucker, Taj Gibson to name a couple.  Tucker’s not a giant, but appears to be good for 6 plus rebounds a game in his career.  I’m not sure why Noel’s stock had plummeted in Philly.  But he seemed like a pretty good fit for the C’s.  And the Sixers kind of gave him away.  I don’t know…

To me, there is a lot of dead weight at the back-end of the Celtics roster.  Danny and Wyc Grousbeck keep chirping about the “#10-#15 on the roster” being important and contributing and blah blah blah.  They can’t really believe that, right?

Demetrius Jackson has played 17 MINUTES this season.  Ssssoooo…completely forgotten by the team…and also by me…that I actually couldn’t remember his first name right off the bat.  Jordan Mickey and James Young have barely played.  Tyler Zeller, Gerald Green and Jonas Jerebko are equal parts fungible and…useless.  I don’t see how these guys have been so valuable.

Furthermore, of the aforementioned six players, maybe Jackson is here next year on potential, but that’s no guarantee.  There’s a pretty good chance NONE of the other five are here next year.  If they are not truly contributing here this year and they won’t be here next year, why do we care about “#10-#15” on the roster the rest of the year?

Take any of these guys, any of the numerous non-Brooklyn picks upcoming and whatever else and get a Noel.  Just seemed like something that could be done fairly easily…especially in hindsight for us, seeing as the cost wasn’t high.  Hindsight for us, but Danny knew what the cost was.  And even at a low one, he still didn’t do it.  Hard to figure.

In any event, the Celtics have come out after the deadline and played pretty brutal.  Tonight’s game against the Hawks was tough to watch.  A loss to Toronto after having a 17 point lead.  And a win against Detroit that probably only was a win because the Pistons couldn’t hit free throws, or hit layups or dunks…well, mostly Andre Drummond was to blame for most of those, but still.  Not a great win.

Perhaps the players let down a little because the front office didn’t come through?  They saw other teams around them improve, but Ainge did nothing?  They think management wants to still stay on the long-term course while they are ready to take the next step forward now?  Can’t rule any of that out.  But it would kind of be a poor reflection on the players.  And of course it’s only a three game sample.  So we will just have to see how that plays out over the next several games.

Either way, it appears that Ainge and the rest of management have determined that they cannot take that next step this year.  I think that was made loud and clear at the deadline.

As the Blowhard has referenced many times recently, let’s just hope those “fireworks” that Celtics ownership promised long ago actually happen this upcoming offseason.  I mean, is there any way we can speed this whole thing up?  Please?

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I am a passionate and life long fan of the local teams...and by local I mean New England. I remember the days of Ray Bourque, Larry Bird, Steve Grogan and Wade Boggs...meaning I have lived the highs and lows of the Boston sports scene. With all this pent up Boston sports emotion, I clearly have a lot to say about the local teams and sometimes about sports in general. Maybe even the Revolution... I appreciate you reading my blog and hope you enjoy my rants.

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  1. Mostly and completely agree on the draft/deadline stuff. First off, the draft is the best draft since 2003. It is a historically good draft. Markelle Fulz is my favorite, and has an unlimited amount of talent, despite playing on a terrible team. The problem is all of the top guys are point guards. Like 5 of the top 6 or something and the top 3. So, that could be playing in IT’s head. The last three games have been the worst of the season! Just unwatchable and cringeworthy. Last night was mostly because they could not put the ball in the hoop though, which happens. Wednesday night might be a massacre.

    And I agree. Why the fuck could they have not added Nerlens Noel? It is actually bullshit. He wants to be here, he is from Everett, he fills a glaring need, and is basically a more talented, more athletic, version of Amir. It is seemless. Trader Danny (who didn’t trade) did not want to give up a thing! Please. Part of the reason is cap flexibility, and they think Gordon Hayward is just walking into their arms in July. Is that true? Not sure. I guess they know best, and Ante Zizic is overperforming in the best European league and word is he would be a top 10 pick. So, essentially the Celts have the potential to add the #1 pick, the #10 pick, and Yabusele who also has huge potential in the modern NBA. All these guys replace, Amir, Zeller and Jerebko next year. But, what about this team? You are right to question whether IT is like, what the fuck? He is on the best contract in the NBA (maybe Jae Crowder or Avery Bradley too?) and you can’t get us a bit of help to try and make the ECF? He even hinted at unhappiness. Will the Celts trade him? It is a huge possibility this summer, and then back to square whatever. I don’t know. We definitely need to pick a strategy this summer and go with it.

    Word now is Bogut is interested in the C’s. That would make it all better actually. But, by accident. He fits nicely, exactly what they need, though is injury prone to a ridiculous degree, but is a great rim protector and rebounder, exactly what they need. I would be ok with that addition just to fill a hole, root a little into May, and then wait for the draft while the Sox eat up the east.

    And please tell me what is up with Al Horford? I am getting annoyed. I love his game and he is a good piece, but a centerpiece he is not. I think Crowder is averaging close to the same points!

    On to Chris Sale sooner than I thought I think…

    • Johnny J! Thanks for the comment…been a long time!!

      I don’t know anything about the college players coming out, but yeah, I hear that most of them are point guards. Guards anyway. Huge logjam coming. Something will have to give there this summer. I don’t know if that is going to IT’s head. Just think of how far over his head he has played this year! Otherworldly. Almost 30 points a game. Sick 4th quarter stats. He is a great player. But I am not sure what he has done this year can last long-term. Something makes me hesitant about building the team around him too. But yeah, he made some comments to indicate he was kind of pissed that teams around them made moves and they did not.

      I get the feeling they think Hayward is a done deal. Not sure I love that. But the dots connect, whether it’s right or wrong. As for Zizic, I’m not getting too excited about him. Never do about anyone coming from Europe. We will see. But he can’t be worse than Zeller. And Yabusele? Playing in China…even worse for me. But we will see.

      I’m actually all set with Bogut. He has nice rebounding numbers again this year, but…I don’t know…Horford? Shooting too many threes…just like everyone else on this team. He is a piece, yes, and that is all.

      Should be an interesting summer anyway. Things finally have to happen then, specifically with the expiring contracts following next year, the draft, the overseas guys probably coming over for next year, etc. I actually do think they have a strategy and that’s why they didn’t overpay for Butler or George or anyone. So I still believe they are on the right path, however long it is and somewhat disappointing (at least in regards to getting a Noel or a rebounder to help with this year). But I am afraid this year has basically ended unfortunately…

  2. And then the beat up on the Cavs! At least it will give me something to root for through April and May. They finally looked like the team they were before the all-star break. Good enough to make the ECF. Will they? Not sure, but it will be fun to watch.

    • I am not as excited about last night’s win as a lot of people. Sure it was a nice win on paper. C’s looked a lot better than they have in the previous three games. But no Love, no J.R. Smith…even no Bogut for Cleveland. Deron Williams was playing his first game and likely isn’t integrated into the offense and all yet. Or the defense for that matter. I’ll take it. But too many people are real giddy about the win. As I said to someone earlier today, yes, they certainly CAN make the ECF, but I ask the same question as you…will they? I’m not sure. The playoffs will be a battle for sure. If Isaiah has trouble getting his shot off again, they could even be dumped in the first round. That of course would not be good.

  3. A 1st round exit would be a debacle. I am excited about it only, in that they seemed to be playing at the level they were before the all-star break. They have no chance, and I mean NO chance of upsetting Cleveland. They do, however have a chance to get to the ECF. If they do that, and get the #1 pick in the draft, that will be historic, and incredible. And I will be expecting the to compete for banner 18 in 2018.

    • Yeah, no question a 1st round exit would be disastrous. They need to, at the very least, show some progress this year. That is winning one round at a minimum. Agreed on having no chance to beat Cleveland. Not in a seven game series anyway. It’s also hard to believe that they would get the #1 overall pick. They always get screwed in the lottery!! And I know they have been great for most of their history. But it’s still hard to believe that they have never had the #1 overall pick. But even with a second round appearance and that #1 pick, it still may be a stretch for them to go for a banner next year. There still is some work to do with the current roster with all the contracts up after this year and next…as well as all the bodies all over the world. 2017 should be exciting all around however!!

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