Down the stretch we go…

…for the first place Boston Red Sox.  Yup, I said “first place”.  Still seems hard to believe.  17 games left though, so we will see how it plays out.  Tough loss last night, 1-0 to the immortal Kevin Gausman.  But that just goes to show you that no one has any idea how it will go.  Losing 2 out of 3 at home to Baltimore, after taking 2 out of 3 on the road in Toronto.  “Only” winning 4 of 6 against Oakland and San Diego earlier this month.  Two essentially minor league ballclubs.  Yeah, 2 of 3 against anyone especially on the road shouldn’t be bad.  But after outscoring Oakland 27-4 in the first two games of the series, you had to like their chances in Game 3, right?  Nope.  1-0 loss.  Yuck.  An eleven game road trip in mid-August that started 7-2, then ended with 2 losses to another horrible team in Tampa Bay.

Toss all that in and consider that after the 4 game set with the Yankees starting tomorrow, 10 of the final 13 games will be on the road.  10 game trip to Baltimore, Tampa and New York, followed by 3 at home against Toronto.  I suppose the beauty of it is that they are all AL East teams.  But the reality of it is they could go from first place to out of the playoffs in a heartbeat.  And they don’t even need any chicken and beer to do it.

It’s been quite some time since I have written about the Sox.  So, in typical fashion, I’ll be throwing out all kinds of random crap to pretty much catch up.  Thanks a bunch for your understanding!

*Speaking of last night’s game, I like to take the first point to officially apologize to one Mr. Rick Porcello.  Even with the loss, the numbers read 20-4, 3.12 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, over 200 innings.  Etc.  Who on God’s Green Earth saw this coming?  Ok, maybe Ben Cherington did.  (Side note:  with Porcello and the year Hanley Ramirez is having, specifically the 2nd half of his year, perhaps we need to offer up an apology to Ben as well?  Well, he also signed Pablo Sandoval too, so…).  I have no idea if Porcello has a real chance at the Cy Young, even with the 20 wins.  People may shy away from him based on the single fact that he got about 8 runs a game of run support this year.  Others may be blinded by the 59 1/3 innings that Zach Britton has thrown this year, albeit a kind of dominant 60 innings or so.  But it’s been a helluva run.

*Ben just landed a VP of baseball operations job with the Blue Jays.  So let’s not cry for him anymore.  He apparently had a chance at a prime job with the Minnesota Twins as well.  So he’ll be ok.

*I (we) may also owe an apology to David Price also, due to his recent turnaround.  But since I like my 31 million dollar pitchers to have some playoff dominance mixed in, let’s hold off on that for now.

*The biggest thing that makes me nervous over the next two and a half weeks?  John Farrell.  Why, of course!  I suppose I need to give Farrell some credit for the first place team thus far.  But I also remain among the few (several?) that would still like to see him go.

It would seem that the Red Sox have enough talent to be a playoff team.  Always has seemed that way all year.  But…I have never been confident in Farrell’s in-game management.  Or the way he utilizes a bullpen.  Or many other things.  I especially can’t stand his babbling about subluxations and arm angles and arm action and all that stuff he spins when he speaks.  Noe Ramirez pitching in a close game Tuesday when Craig Kimbrel was still available?  Ruining Steven Wright’s season by pinch running him in a game.  Pinch running?  I get trying to utilize the whole roster in an NL park, but the fattest guy on the staff?  Ugh.  Publicly stating that Drew Pomeranz is a “6 inning pitcher” once he arrived in Boston, then in subsequent weeks throwing him out there to blow leads beyond the 6th.  Playing Ryan Hanigan…EVER.  I could go on, but I’m tired.  Let’s just say that there is a good chance that Farrell himself can torpedo this whole thing easily in 17 games.

*I don’t know what happened to Xander Bogaerts in the 2nd half.  But I sure hopes he wakes up soon.

*Good thing Dustin Pedroia hates hitting leadoff.  He’s only been on fire since he started hitting there.  Hate to see what would’ve happened if he stayed in his preferred 2-hole.

*Something that probably only bothers me…along with the Brentz family…Bryce Brentz gets to play in the majors for like 2 months, contributes a bit, then doesn’t get called up along with all the other September additions.  Only 4 players on the 40 man roster didn’t get the call.  Brentz was one of the 4 (Brian Johnson, Williams Jerez and Roenis Elias were the others, for the record).  Obviously, it really doesn’t matter in the end.  Though he really should be able to enjoy the playoff chase!  In all seriousness, I will say that there have been several blowouts recently where Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley Jr. have to stay in the game because the Sox didn’t have enough outfield depth to yank them.  May have made sense to have another outfielder for that reason alone.

*I know I am not trying to manage the Los Angeles Dodgers toward a World Series championship.  And I know Rich Hill has had some blister issues this year and missed plenty of starts, including some after the Dodgers traded for him.  But I still would have left him in to chase that perfect game last week.

*Yoan Moncada should be glued to the bench the rest of the year.  Maybe not even have him pinch run.  Certainly not pinch hit.  He doesn’t need to get up once every 5 or 6 days to add another strikeout to the ledger.  The kid does look like he has some physical ability.  But it also looks like he needs more ABs.  He certainly needs more playing time at the hot corner if they plan to move him there for the long haul.  His arm looks legit though…makes you wonder why the Sox started him off in the minors at second base.  Seems like a waste of his arm to put him there.  Another strike against him was forgetting the number of outs in a game this weekend.  Not a good look in your first couple weeks in the majors.

Personally, I’d keep him on the bench for as long as this season goes, just to soak in the atmosphere.  Then send him to winter ball to play RF and maybe 3B.  I’d shop Bradley this offseason and if there is a deal to be made, move Mookie back to center and consider Yoan for RF down the road.  Or move Benintendi to center.  Something like that.  But we will worry more about the offseason when we get there.

*One more thing on the offseason though:  Do the Sox try to unload the last 2 years of Hanley’s contract this offseason based on his performance this year?  Or stick him at DH and tell him to do nothing but hit?  Good question.  With David Ortiz not around next year to help keep Hanley “buying in”, I think we need to consider the first option.  He has played ok at first this year.  Not as good as everyone wants to tell you he has played, but certainly serviceable.  But I don’t think I want him there next year.

*The Sox have to rein in their aggressive base running a bit going forward.  Lot of head-scratchers here this year.  Kind of topped off by Brock Holt trying to steal home Sunday down a run and with a guy who had earlier hit a 3 run homer at the plate.  That particular one didn’t come back to haunt them.  But that kind of stuff has got to stop.

*I hate the Yankees.  I hate Joe Girardi.  But he should get even more credit than he already does.  How this guy has had the Yanks in the playoff chase over the past few years with those rosters, I have no idea.  That’s all the positive stuff I’m going to say about that outfit though.

*The AL MVP race seems wide open.  But why is all the Red Sox talk focused on Mookie Betts?  I know Big Papi is a DH only and he has not been as dominant in the 2nd half as he was in the first.  But I feel like he deserves a little more chatter anyway.

*Lastly, let’s talk about this bullpen.  Is it really figured out?  Who do you have faith in out there?  Will Noe Ramirez still get some key innings in September?  Kimbrel doesn’t like to pitch in non-save situations and Farrell apparently won’t force the issue, so how is he going to stay sharp?  Joe Kelly is all of a sudden a key component?  And so on.  A couple of weeks ago, Clay Buchholz was supposed to be the “8th inning” guy.  Think about that for a second.  Now we are all set apparently?  Kelly, Koji Uehara, Heath Hembree, Matt Barnes, Robbie Ross Jr., Fernando Abad, Brad Ziegler…I don’t know.  Don’t rule out Farrell trying to re-implement Junichi Tazawa in high-leverage situations either.

All of the relievers listed above are seemingly capable major league relievers…in the regular season…and maybe only in the 7th inning or earlier (outside of Kimbrel…but he sometimes doesn’t inspire confidence either).  But as the pressure gets greater, how many of these dudes will step up?  Remains to be seen.  I know we all love Koji for what he has done over the past few years.  But I am not ready to say he is “back” based on a few good innings in September.  We shall see…

Ultimately, it was great to enjoy baseball in Boston over the summer again.  So even if they collapse, hell, the Patriots have started so it’s not all that bad!  But the Sox do have the talent to compete.  So hopefully it will be a fun two and a half weeks any way you slice it.  Anything after that would be a welcome bonus for sure.


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I am a passionate and life long fan of the local teams...and by local I mean New England. I remember the days of Ray Bourque, Larry Bird, Steve Grogan and Wade Boggs...meaning I have lived the highs and lows of the Boston sports scene. With all this pent up Boston sports emotion, I clearly have a lot to say about the local teams and sometimes about sports in general. Maybe even the Revolution... I appreciate you reading my blog and hope you enjoy my rants.

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  1. Red Sox suck! I know I am emotional about them, but ugh! They are the 27 Yankees one night and then for three nights in a row, the look like the St. Louis Browns. Seriously, they are building something, but I don’t see it this year. They are too inconsistent. I know your biggest problem is Farrel (and hard to disagree), but there are a lot of problems. E Rod and Wright and today we have the Buckaroo. Which one will show up? Not to mention Price, who finally looks like the ace we paid for, but playoff time? Shaky. Porcello is a solid #2 and I actually love to watch him pitch. Pomeranz has grown on me, despite the Padres unloading his problems on us, unethically I might add. Hard to say anything against the line-up, but is there something missing? That should be the AL East Champ, but maybe you are right. It is Farrel. I also feel the 3rd Boston Massacre coming this weekend! Give me a win today so I can stop stressing about it!

    • No Boston Massacre this weekend! Guess it was the opposite with them probably burying the Yankees. Good to see the team bounce back in most games of the series, but they can’t keep coming from behind like that. Seems like they have 2 reliable starters these days and that obviously won’t cut it. Love to see Wright come back, but I don’t see it. What I do unfortunately see is Clay Buchholz as the #3 in the playoffs!! Ok, maybe it’s E-Rod. But that still needs to sort itself out. Not good with only 13 games left in the season. And with 10 of the final 13 on the road against AL East foes, maybe I shouldn’t put them in the playoffs yet anyway…

  2. ok I don’t totally take back what I just said. Maybe the ominous tone. I had no idea they fucking won last night! I shut it off I guess. I could have sworn I saw the last out. What the hell happened? I am aghast!

  3. I agree. I am a little nervous to say yeah, they are in…but it is looking that way. After tonight, the Birds are five out. What a turnaround from like a week or so ago. But…totally agree also. Was even going to text you during the game. Price and Porcello and then head for the Bordello (A play on “Spahn and Sain and then pray for rain”). ERod looked good tonight, but who knows next week. Same with Buccholz and Pomeranz. Pitching is everything in the postseason as you know. We have two #2’s and three #5’s!

    • Well, they are in the playoffs, barring disaster. 7 game lead on that with 11 to play. Safe to say they are in. East is looking good too. They would have to really collapse now to be overtaken. I was saying to someone else, yes, E-Rod just took the lead for #3. But I have to tell you, would not be shocked to see Clay end up there. I know, awful. Just a gut feeling. Either way, it appears those two will be #3 & #4. Pomeranz seems to be wilting. Maybe it’s tiredness. Maybe it’s the medical problem that SD did not disclose (I can’t believe Dombrowski did not fight for further compensation!!! Though maybe he will after the year. Don’t know if the door is already officially closed though. Sounds like MLB thinks it is). It’s unlikely Wright will be back to make any impact. Sad for that. Maybe the Sox carry 3 starters and 9 relievers for the first round…that way Hembree, Taz, etc, can pick up whoever the #3 guy is when they only go 3 innings…haha!

  4. Yeah. I know discipline for the trade is still open, but compensation? Not sure. Sucks. I like Pomeranz a bit. He has grown on me, but he is ineffective! Ugh. I like his stuff, but something is totally up. I have a question for you. Is this the best Red Sox line-up you have seen? I mean five guys with 20 homers. Possibly three with 30. Three with over 100 RBI’s. Possibly four. Pedroia on fire. Leon has fallen off a bit, but for a while there was barely a weakness. I think it really might be. If Hanley keeps this up, maybe they will just win games 11-10 to the postseason.

    • I think the discipline for the Pomeranz trade is over as well. I could be wrong. I never had a huge problem with the trade from the beginning. He seems pretty decent and maybe they got him as he is hitting his prime. He pitched well for a stretch. Maybe he blossoms more next year. And who really knows about an 18 year old Espinoza? But Pomeranz’ contributions may be limited the rest of this year I am afraid. The way I see it though is that if Pomeranz had a medical issue and it was hidden, there should be some consequences. MLB suspending the SD GM 30 days does not do anything for the Sox.

      As for the lineup…it may be up there. I did some quick research on teams I thought had good ones (mostly the World Series years of course) for comparisons sake and I would have to say that at least the 2003 team (not even a winner!) was probably better. 6 guys with 25 homers or more. 8 guys with 85 or more RBI’s. I actually didn’t remember how good some of those guys’ stats were. Manny, Nomar, Papi, Damon, Trot, Walker, Mueller, Millar and Varitek. Varitek had 25 bombs? Didn’t remember that. Lowest of the 9 averages was .273 (Varitek and Damon). 2016 does have some holes at 3rd and LF…and probably still C, even though Leon has had a pretty good 2nd half. I know, Shaw was good for a while and guys like Holt, Young and Benintendi have had their moments in left, but still. I’d take 2003 at this point. I’d have to research to remember more though. I seem to remember some bad Sox teams having good lineups. 1984 comes to mind. And I just looked and that was a good lineup. I’m sure there are others.

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