Playing catch-up…

…so it’s been a bit since I have had something to say.  But it’s not like I haven’t thought of anything.  So here are some of the things that have been rolling around in my head.  Warning, this may take a while (ie:  meaning, more than one part).  I apologize profusely for that…and also if some of the topics are a smidge dated….which…they will be.  I’ll try to mix in the old with some new though.  But I am making zero guarantees on that.  Anyway, once again, in no particular order:

*Bruins re-sign Kevan Miller, 4 years, 10 million.  This one has been sticking in my craw since the news broke.  I know, it broke a while ago.  You’ve heard all the displeasure already a million times over.  In fact, out of the whole universe, I only know ONE person who likes this deal (that’s you, Magoon, hope you’re reading!!).  Ok, maybe it doesn’t cover the whole universe.  But I think you get the point.  And of course, I still feel the need to comment.

Both numbers above are stupid.  There’s simply no other way to put it.  Why did the B’s feel the need to lock up a 3rd pairing D-man for 4 years?  Miller’s salary shot up from 800k/year to 2.5 mil/year.  Seems like overkill.  Wait…IT IS overkill!  Somehow, the dude was a plus-15 last year.  But if you watched any of the games, you know that stat is inexplicable.  Miller actually does have some use, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just too much money to pay an “end of the roster” guy.  When you consider the 4/11 that Sween-dogga gave to Quaider last year, the stupidity of this deal is amplified.  Why do you need both of these guys…for that many years and at those prices?  These are the types of contracts that got Peter Chiarelli into cap trouble…overpaying the likes of Chris Kelly, Soup Campbell and Paisy…

Now, I’m waiting for other shoes to drop.  Yup, plural in “shoes”, not singular.  Sweeney said they “would find a contract for Torey Krug.”  I see at least 4/20 in his future.  And whither Loui?  Donnie Hockey reportedly has had some “productive discussions” with Eriksson’s agent.  I see like 7/45 there.  Ugh…let’s bring the whole band that missed the playoffs two years in row back together!  Especially the putrid defense!

No confidence in Bruins management.  But I suppose we should wait to see how the entire offseason pans out before we make a final judgement heading into next season.  It will likely be hard to do though.

*Speaking of hockey, why is 98.5 The Sports Hub broadcasting live the Stanley Cup Finals between Pittsburgh and San Jose?  Is anyone in the Boston area really interested?  I have watched most of the series on TV.  But hearing it on radio would really not appeal to me.  I should check the ratings.  Hard to believe they are any good.  Maybe there’s still a lot of Jumbo Joe Thornton fans still in the area…

*New England Patriots mandatory minicamp kicked off today.  Everyone apparently showed up.  This is not necessarily news.  But I think some of the local talking heads WANTED a no-show or two.  That would certainly spice up radio talk for sure.  But did anyone really expect a holdout to happen?

I didn’t…at least not yet.  Holding out of this camp would seem to me to not accomplish much.  I know Vince Wilfork did not attend these types of camps years ago and as a result got himself a new contract.  But wouldn’t not showing up to “actual” camp in mid-July have a greater impact?  It would seem that way to me anyway.  But what do I know?

Sure, the Pats have a few candidates…if they were so inclined.  Gronk, Malcolm Butler and Jamie Collins for three.  People want to point to Dont’a Hightower, but he’s taking home close to 8 mil this year, so I doubt that.  And please, no Logan Ryan here.  Butler missed some voluntary workouts a couple of weeks ago.  Today, he said it was because of a “big misunderstanding”.  Whatever.  Maybe it was a message, maybe not.  Who cares at this point?

Gronk could have a case.  But he signed his contract a while back knowing the risks.  The team took a risk because he is injury-prone.  And he took a risk because he most assuredly left money on the table.  He has outperformed the contract, but them’s the breaks.  Butler and Collins will get paid next year at the latest, by the Pats or someone else.  Sure, they could get hurt seriously this upcoming year and jeopardize that big payday.  But you think they may have insured themselves against that with a fat policy perhaps, as athletes typically do?  I have no idea if they did that, but it’s worth noting.

These guys all seem to be “team players” for the most part, so I am not sure there will be any fireworks come July.  It would also behoove the Pats to extend a guy or two…or three, or four…before the season, so they can keep as many of the 2016 free agents as possible.  They won’t be able to keep everyone.  But I’m surprised that not even one of the key defensive dudes has not been adjusted yet.

Regardless, I think people need to relax a little when it comes to this stuff.  Again, the team simply can’t keep everyone after this year.  But they will keep a lot of them.  The Patriots have been somewhat unfairly criticized over the years for not paying guys.  They pay plenty of money to plenty of people.  A lot of these contracts will work out.  It will just be on their timetable, that’s all.

And let’s face it.  As long as they come back for the playoffs, isn’t that the only thing that matters?  Logan Mankins held out in 2010 and the team went 6-1 without him.  Then he came back anyway, since he didn’t want to lose an accrued year toward free agency.  A handful of players can hold out for the Pats this year and they will still cruise to the division title.  Not to worry.

*COPA AMERICA!!!!  Who’s fired up for tonight’s game against Costa Rica??!!  (I mean, besides you, Barry?!)  What the hell is “Copa America” anyway?  Ok, I just looked it up and apparently it has been played since 1916 with this being the 45th event.  That’s how much I know.  Oh, and for some reason it is being played in the United States this time, despite never (NEVER!!) being hosted outside of South America in its history.  So my question to you (or at least “out loud”) is:

Why in the world would you take a South American tournament that is 100 years old and then decide to play it in the United States…where soccer (FUTBOL!!) still has not left an indelible mark?

Sorry, that is true.  Soccer is still just not that important in the States.  It has grown, sure.  Gradually, yes, but there still has been growth.  But you can’t tell me it even ranks up there in the U.S. with the clear “4th” major sport…hockey.

In my admittedly rudimentary research, it looks like they planned to have the tourney in the States because “the market, stadiums, money, etc.” were in the U.S.  Ummmmm, ok.  Whatever floats your boat.

Well, as the host country, the U.S. team nabbed a spot automatically.  Good thing for that.  Isn’t this the same team that was (is?) in danger of not even securing a spot in the 2018 World Cup?  I don’t think the Opening Round loss to Colombia is going to help that.

Maybe that’s why the tourney was here…give them an extra chance to qualify.  But I’m not going to look that up to see if that is even possible.  Because my quota of soccer research has been met.  But it was a lot of fun!  Ummmmm…




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I am a passionate and life long fan of the local teams...and by local I mean New England. I remember the days of Ray Bourque, Larry Bird, Steve Grogan and Wade Boggs...meaning I have lived the highs and lows of the Boston sports scene. With all this pent up Boston sports emotion, I clearly have a lot to say about the local teams and sometimes about sports in general. Maybe even the Revolution... I appreciate you reading my blog and hope you enjoy my rants.

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  1. Thought the US looked pretty good last night. Started out a bit shaky. The Copa America is kind of a big deal. It is the biggest tournament in the US since 94 World Cup.
    South America always seems to have 2 or 3 of the best teams in the world. So there are always good match ups. It is usually 12 teams,10 South America teams that make up CONMEBOL confederation and two invitees.
    They had this tournament last year and up here we had the Concacaf Gold Cup.
    This idea of having a special one came up a few years back. So they came up with this format. 16 teams and 6 of them from CONCACAF.
    There is a move by FIFA to have greater interaction amongst the different confederations. So there may be other things like this in the future. It is FIFA and there is money to be made.
    Now I checked on how the 6 teams from CONCACAF we’re chosen. USA host country gets in.Mexico won last year’s Gold Cup.Costa Rica won The Central America tourney. Jamaica won the Caribbean Cup. So then they went by rankings in last year’s Gold Cup and had play off games and Haiti and Panama for picked.
    Made me wonder why Canada was not included. They had a bad Gold Cup and did make it out of group stage.
    I think the US wants to show it deserves to host the World Cup again. The stadiums are much better than South America.But in the end this is about money. The attendance is not that great overall but better than last year’s Copa America.
    But I think the US will finish second in this group as was expected. Then they will take on either Brazil or Peru in the quarterfinals and that will be it for them.
    Not that thrilled with Brad Guzan in goal. Would have went with Nick Rolando from Real Salt Lake. He should have been on the roster. But we have Tim Howard on the bench But he has lost a step or two.
    The team does have talent. But think The line up can be changed. I would start Nagbe no doubt. But most games are at night which is good. Unlike the Euro which starts on Friday.
    France is favored and is the host nation.
    But most important is that these two tournaments go off with out any nonsense.
    But Argentina should win this thing in the end.

    • Fantastic analysis, thanks for spelling it out. Since I know very little about soccer, I don’t even know how to respond. Despite it (and everything) revolving around money, I still am surprised that after 100 years of only playing the tourney in South America it is now being played in the States. But it is what it is I guess. As far as the players and teams themselves, well, I leave that to what you say above!

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