*Patriots 45, Colts 24.  Everyone wants the Pats to score 100.  I do too.  I think the game essentially will still be a blowout.  But with the Patriots’ secondary in a state of disarray…and not being really good in the first place…maybe the Colts will score more than many people want.  We know the Pats should be able to run on the Colts D.  They may have to run more than they initially planned with Nate Solder being out and either Marcus Cannon (average at best) or Sebastian Vollmer (moving to a somewhat unfamiliar position) manning left tackle and protecting Tom Brady’s blind side.  I’d love 66-3.  But I think we have to be realistic.

*Speaking of Solder, he must be glad he signed that 2 year extension.  But as far as his injury goes, we will see.  He has kind of been up and down in his career and some wonder why the Patriots pay him so much.  But he has largely been solid in my eyes.  So that spot is clearly something to watch.  The offensive line historically has come together every year and has been pretty good.  But that was mostly under Dante Scarnecchia.  Dave Deguglielmo is here now.  It worked out with him last year after some early bumps.  We will see about this year.  The rookies inside have performed better than expected.  But obviously left tackle is an extremely important position and is a much different story.

*Does David Price’s miserable postseason numbers give teams some pause in pursuing him as a free agent after this season?  I think for most teams it should not.  The guy is a stud.  But for teams that have postseason hopes, maybe it should.  I have always wanted the Red Sox to pursue him.  But after another clunker last night (I know it was only 1 bad inning, but still…), I am having second thoughts.  Ultimately, the Sox need a ton of pitching, so if they want him, they should still go after him.  But they should be going after another top flight guy as well.  I guess that much is obvious.  I suppose it isn’t my 25 mil plus per year anyway, so they may as well make a strong bid.

*Jose Bautista’s bat flip this week against the Rangers really pissed a lot of people off.  Not me.  Granted, I hate when Big Papi goes through his antics when he hits a meaningless bomb in a 12-1 game.  And/or the first inning of an early May game.  Etc.  But Joey Bats’ dinger was in a key moment of the playoffs…basically the game, even with a couple of innings left.  The stadium was electric.  No problem with the emotion in that spot.  Maybe the Texas fans should reserve that anger for the putrid defense in the inning.  Or Sam Dyson throwing a meatball to one of the games best power hitters.  Or them blowing a 2-0 game lead.  You get the picture.

*I’m all for breaking up a double play.  But Chase Utley went in too wide, too late and too high.  He’s a middle infielder and should know better.  The announcers were saying that Ruben Tejada was trying to make a spectacular double play and he should’ve protected himself better and blah, blah, blah.  That all may be true.  But I say if you break a guys leg on a slide, something is wrong.

*I very rarely talk about Boston College football.  Simply because I despise BC.  And I don’t watch a lot of college ball anyway.  But the BC/Clemson game was on where I was last night and I have to admit, I was surprised that BC head coach Steve Addazio was on the sideline.  I somehow caught only the ending of the BC/Wake Forest game from the week before and was shocked that they somehow only ran one play in the last 29 seconds.  Don’t even need to go through the details, but how that guy still had a job the next day was beyond me.

Short and sweet this time!  Game is about to start…





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I am a passionate and life long fan of the local teams...and by local I mean New England. I remember the days of Ray Bourque, Larry Bird, Steve Grogan and Wade Boggs...meaning I have lived the highs and lows of the Boston sports scene. With all this pent up Boston sports emotion, I clearly have a lot to say about the local teams and sometimes about sports in general. Maybe even the Revolution... I appreciate you reading my blog and hope you enjoy my rants.

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