Observations from Week 3…and more…

The New England Patriots are 3-0.  Awesome.  But I agree with Bill Belichick when he said “big deal”.  They’ve played a team with no D (Pittsburgh), a team that is probably not as good as they appear so far (Buffalo) and a cream puff (Jacksonville).  Sure, the Pitt and Buffalo games both had close final scores, but anyone watching the games knew that those finals were misleading.  There was never any danger of losing those games.  So the record is nice, but there really hasn’t been any kind of test yet.

And of course that is ok.  September and October are usually a time for the team to mix and match and figure out where the pieces fit.  With all the shuffling in the game against Jacksonville, as well as the two trades this week where Jonathan Bostic and Akiem Nicks came in and the Hoo-man departed, this is apparently still the plan.  But with the soft schedule, it just doesn’t seem it.  Oh, just in case you were wondering, I am not counting the hundred or so practice squad transactions that are par for the course every year.

In any event, life is good, though I am not going to get completely giddy and all…yet.  Here are some more random thoughts, again in no particular order:

*Perfect season.  PLEASE STOP!  There’s only over 80% of the season left, so nothing like getting ahead of ourselves here.  Sure, the Dallas game looks different now that they are battling injuries to key players.  The Indy game looks different as well, since they have their own issues.  And the division could even be weaker than originally suspected.  But there is too much time left and too many things can happen…specifically injuries to Brady and/or Gronk.  Or other key players.  So let’s see if they can get to 10-0 or so and then we can start chatting about a perfect season.

*Secondary.  Speaking of seeing where the pieces fit.  Still ugly back here, and that is putting it kindly.  Malcolm Butler always seems to be around the ball, but hasn’t made a ton of plays.  Bradley Fletcher was benched after only 2 weeks.  Tarell Brown started the first 2 games, then didn’t appear in Game 3.  Logan Ryan got a start.  Justin Coleman and Jordan Richards got significant PT against the Jaguars, even before garbage time.  Yikes!  Keep the faith…keep the faith…

*Aaron Dobson.  I wanted so much to give this guy some time this year to see if he could finally put it all together.  Not only was he a 2nd round pick and you certainly do not want to give up on a high pick sooner than you want to.  But as a rookie he showed some promise.  And it just looks like he can play.  But maybe not.  He played most of the game Sunday and came up short…yet again.  A drop…another play where he drew pass interference, but still should’ve caught that ball as well.  Just a disappointment.  Not to mention that he has never been able to develop any chemistry with Brady.  Of course it doesn’t help that Brady throws mostly to Gronk, Edelman and Dion Lewis, but maybe there is a reason for that.  Then again, a guy they acquired like a week and a half before the Jags game, Keshawn Martin, caught 3 balls on 3 targets from Brady.  Seems to be another strike against Dobson.

*”Scorched Earth”.  Hey, no one loves a good blowout more than me.  But to leave guys like Brady and Gronk in late in games with like 30 point leads…I’m just not in favor of that.  I get how Brady is pissed at the league…and many players and coaches within it.  With the whole Deflategate saga and all the people in the league taking free shots at him, etc.  It makes sense that Brady wants to bury everyone.  And that the coaches and the team in general wants to as well.  But to risk injury to indispensable players, just seems counterproductive to me.  Also to risk games while trying to run up the score, as what almost happened against the Bills, is kind of inexcusable also.  Hopefully, the Bills “scare” kind of taught them a little bit of a lesson.  Though I admit, it’s nice to shut Rex up.  That guy is such a blowhard, but that’s a story for another day…

*Bye week.  Too early!  But maybe this is the early challenge the Pats need?  Certainly haven’t been any real challenges in the games thus far.  Of course, I would guess that most teams would like the bye later in the season, to kind of take a breath, rest up some banged up players, evaluate what has happened in the first part of the season and adjust going forward for the second part, etc.  Not an option for them here.  There is a long way to go.  Not having a bye late in the season is probably not the biggest deal in the world.  But something to consider down the stretch.

*AFC East.  Sorry.  Not buying the Bills or the Jets at all right now.  I was never buying the Dolphins, but many others were.  As for the Bills, beating the Dolphins and the Colts was not that impressive to me.  Coming back against the Pats was not either.  Rex has a nice D over there, but the vaunted D-line hasn’t seemed to really been the reason.  LeSean McCoy has been banged up.  Tyrod Taylor has played better than expected, but over the long haul?  Remains to be seen.  Just not buying the hype.  The J-E-T-S?  Well, Ryan Fitzpatrick is running the show there.  And we know what he is all about.  Chris Ivory was getting rave reviews in the preseason.  Talking about a huge breakout year for him.  But guess what?  Injured again.  The D may be headed back to the success they had during Rex’ good times.  But again, too early for me to be worried about that team.

*Dion Lewis/RB’s.  Where did this Lewis guy come from?  Better yet, how did he not have a job last year?  Understand he was hurt in 2013.  And didn’t play much in 2011-2012 with Philly.  But this dude has some serious “shake n’ bake”.  Surprised he didn’t get a sniff while off last year.  Maybe fumbling was a problem, I don’t know.  Not putting the guy in Canton by any means…or even Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.  But if he is the real deal, what a steal.  I’m not a LeGarrette Blount guy really, but if Lewis continues what he is doing and is a legitimate part of the backfield, I can live with what Blount brings to the table as part of a combo.  As long as Brandon Bolden stays far, far away from any part of the backfield.

That’s about all I got…

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I am a passionate and life long fan of the local teams...and by local I mean New England. I remember the days of Ray Bourque, Larry Bird, Steve Grogan and Wade Boggs...meaning I have lived the highs and lows of the Boston sports scene. With all this pent up Boston sports emotion, I clearly have a lot to say about the local teams and sometimes about sports in general. Maybe even the Revolution... I appreciate you reading my blog and hope you enjoy my rants.

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  1. They have to sit Brady when the game is well in hand. Give Jimmy G a few series. Burn the clock and let Gostkowski get some more field goals.
    I know they want to make a statement. Plenty of time to do that and do so widely
    They have some road games in Indy and Denver and the Giants. Perfect season is a stretch.

    • They will smoke Indy…with or without Luck…though we shall see how serious his injury is. G-Men, despite the history, don’t seem like much of a challenge either. Denver is not as scary as they once seemed. But their D could be the difference. Either way, lot of time left to even talk about these games specifically too.

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