Observations from Week 1…

The Patriot’s win was a little closer than I expected.  Maybe the weather was a factor.  Maybe rust.  Who knows?  But it was still quite comfortable in the whole scheme of things.  Being at the game, I never felt like it was in jeopardy.  Even though the Pat’s D was kind of atrocious…but more on that later.  Some random observations, starting with my favorite:

*Crybabies/whiners/losers/etc.  Welp, sure looked like the Steelers jumped on the bandwagon with all the Patriot-bashing that has occurred over the last several months.  And that really heated up with some “new” stuff this week.  Maybe they just felt they should jump on board since they lost a game everyone was watching.

Mike Tomlin.  “The headsets never work at Foxborough”.  OK.  Coming from a guy that once tried to trip a Raven player returning a kickoff a couple of years ago.  Maybe he should look in the mirror.  As haters would say against the Pats when it comes to that kind of stuff:  “there’s more where that came from”.  Or, “where there is smoke, there is fire”.  Trick play on the FIRST SERIES OF THE SEASON?!  Taking your sweet arse time in the last quarter down 2 TD’s?  Playing for a FG in the 4th quarter on the road down 2 scores against a Super Bowl contender, with a kicker that missed 2 FG’s already?  Oh yeah, that’s Todd Haley’s fault, not Tomlin’s.  Or the weather’s…

Maybe he is feeling the heat.  11-5 last year, but a playoff loss.  Two 8-8 seasons before that.  No playoff wins since 2010.  A defense that is without Dick LeBeau for the first time in forever…some Steelers fans may say that is a good thing actually…and doesn’t appear to be very good regardless.  The D talked a lot of smack about how they were going to jam Gronk and take him away.  Then for some reason had no one cover him on a handful of plays.  And on the others he still did what he wanted to.  Anyway, Mikey has a Super Bowl on his resume…but that was 2008.  2nd year as coach, maybe that team was a bunch of Bill Cowher leftovers?

Big Ben.  “Unwritten rule was broken by the defense shifting at the goal line”.  What?  If it’s unwritten…nevermind.  But there was nothing wrong with the play.  Hard to ever take anything serious from a criminal.  Wait.  He was never convicted, just accused a whole bunch.  My bad.  As haters would say against the Pats when it comes to that kind of stuff:  “there’s more where that came from”.  Or, “where there is smoke, there is fire”.  Oops, I already said that.  Kind of applies again here though, no?  Nice throw to Duron Harmon by the way.  Oops again, he’s on the home team.  Or was that throw Haley’s fault too?

Anyway, enough of that garbage.  Onto the actual performance:

*Tom Brady.  As I’ve always said, why use him in the preseason?  Sure, he had a little rust maybe when he overthrew a wide open Danny Amendola for a potential TD early.  And that was a terrible throw to Dion Lewis late, when a first down may have led to more clock killing…and a lot of happy gamblers, assuming the Steelers don’t score with 2 seconds left.  But a total of 7 incompletions…not too shabby.

*Gronk.  What is there to say?  Please, please, please just stay healthy!

*Dion Lewis.  Talk about out of nowhere.  15 carries?  The pass catching…ok.  Moves in the open field…ok.  But solid ground work…who saw this coming?  It’ll be a while before he gets 15 carries again, I imagine, what with LeGarrette coming back.  But other than the fumble, quite a game for the guy.

*David Andrews/Shaq Mason/Tre’ Jackson.  3 kids getting significant PT in the middle of the line after the somewhat surprise inactivation of Ryan Wendell.  Seemed to hold up well.  But next week against Buffalo will be something to keep a close eye on.  Their DL is significantly better than Pitt’s.  But hopefully a nice confidence booster for them.

*Brandon Bolden.  Yuck.  Blount is no Hall of Famer, but glad he will be back next week.

*Aaron Dobson.  Yuck again.  Seemed to see pretty good playing time, but targeted only once.  At least he caught it.

*Reliance on Gronk and Julian Edelman.  See above on Gronk.  Apply it to Julian too.  Brady can’t just laser focus on these guys all year long.  It’s only one game.  But already seems to be going in that direction.  Not good.

*Dominique Easley.  Seemed to be poised to take a step up this year.  But now he is hurt again.  With the 23 defensive linemen Billy B kept on the roster, hopefully they will be able to withstand his loss in the short term.  As usual though, no idea how long he will be out.  And the DL couldn’t stop D’Angelo whether he was in the game or not, so…by the way, I just said D’Angelo as in “D’Angelo Williams”.  Not D’Angelo as in “Le’veon Bell” or “LeSean McCoy” or “Demarco Murray”.  I think you get the point.

*DB’s.  Talk about yuck.  Guys were running wide open all over the secondary again last night.  As I’ve said more than once, asking Malcolm Butler to go from undrafted free agent playing 16% of the snaps to #1 shutdown corner is quite a bit much to ask, in my humble opinion.  Despite the great 2nd half in the Super Bowl.  Maybe it works over the course of the year.  That’s what we have to hope for.  As well as the rest of the secondary taking shape over the next several weeks.  The team has always seemed to figure this kind of stuff out over the years, even if that means a healthy dose of Hank Poteat, Earthwind Moreland and even Troy Brown and Edelman.  But seeing Nate Ebner out there last night for a handful of snaps is not something I want to see at all going forward.  I also wish the Patriots could finally figure out how to cover a tight end.  Heath Miller was always open as well.  As are all the other TEs they face.  That’s what made them go out and get Scotty Chandler, right?

*Marc Bertrand.  I have to add this “joker” to the list for one reason and one reason only.  Driving home, I was listening to the postgame show and he was going through the scoring that happened during the game.  When it came to the clip of Will Johnson scoring his TD, he actually stated, “a little bit of Johnson goes a long way!”.  I’m sure there were not a whole lot of people listening at that time.  But I say he should be put on probation for his job at the very least.  Not because the quote was offensive, as he most assuredly meant it to be.  But because the joke was colossally stupid.  Just dumb and not funny in the least bit.  Did anyone laugh?  I mean, besides the Beetle himself?  Did DeOssie even get it?  I probably should cut him some slack, since he did his normal show in the 10-2 slot and here he was 11 or so hours later, back on the air.  But…

‘Nuff said…we’re onto Buffalo…

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I am a passionate and life long fan of the local teams...and by local I mean New England. I remember the days of Ray Bourque, Larry Bird, Steve Grogan and Wade Boggs...meaning I have lived the highs and lows of the Boston sports scene. With all this pent up Boston sports emotion, I clearly have a lot to say about the local teams and sometimes about sports in general. Maybe even the Revolution... I appreciate you reading my blog and hope you enjoy my rants.

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