Patriot’s roster projection, v1

Projections can be silly.  Especially when there are 3 exhibition games left to play and plenty of jobs to be won or lost at the back end of the roster…or the front end…if your team is brutal.  Not to mention the injuries that always happen across the league.  As well as that stupid “air in the football” thing that is somehow still yet to be resolved.

But since I want to talk some actual football and there was nothing earthshattering to speak of in their first exhibition game…let’s do this today…and tomorrow.


QB (2):

Locks:  Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo

In:  None

Out:  None

Way Out:  Ryan Lindley

Lindley makes the squad if Brady gets suspended for any length of time.  Or maybe it’s Matt Flynn.  Or some other dude on another teams’ roster right now.  Either way, does it matter who is #3?

RB (6):

Locks:  LeGarrette Blount, Brandon Bolden

In:  Jonas Gray, Tavaris Cadet, James White, James Develin

Out:  Dion Lewis

Way Out:  Eric Kettani, Tony Creecy

6 runners is a little heavy, but Blount is definitely suspended for 1 game.  So I’m taking 54 guys in this roster projection and so there is room for 6 backs.  Plus Develin is included here, even though he kind of has his own position of fullback/H-back/small tight end/whatever.  He’s realistically a lock I suppose.  Gray isn’t a lock because I feel like he is always a hair away from Bill Belichick’s doghouse.  Plus, when you think about it, there is probably a reason he was on the practice squad for half the season last year when anyone could have had him for nothing.  White apparently is the darling of camp again this year, but nothing has been impressive thus far about him when the lights are on.  I suppose that’s why I keep Cadet in, despite him being hurt so far.  Could be Lewis in Cadet’s spot, for all we know.  It surely isn’t going to be Creecy.  Or Kettani, despite the whole Navy thing…

WR (5):

Locks:  Julian Edelman, Brandon LaFell

In:  Danny Amendola, Brandon Gibson, Aaron Dobson

Out:  Josh Boyce, Brian Tyms

Way Out:  Zach D’Orazio, Chris Harper, Jonathan Krause

Some question marks here.  Edelman has been banged up, but hopefully that is not serious.  Who knows?  LaFell is on the preseason PUP list.  That means he can be transferred to the regular season list and must miss 6 games as a result.  Don’t rule that out.  Dobson is hurt again, but is not on the preseason PUP list.  So if he is out, then it’s IR for the year…or cut.  Think they will give him one more chance.  Amendola is realistically a lock.  But something in the back of my head tells me he could be one of those veterans cut at the end of camp that you don’t see coming.  With all the doubts at the position now though, it appears unlikely.  Gibson?  Whatever.  But I like him better than Boyce and Tyms.  I’m already sick of Boyce.  He’s never been good, yet they threw to him all night last Thursday.  Maybe hoping he could earn a spot.  And he came up small.  Tyms is probably still better than Boyce on what either would make the roster for…getting open deep and spreading the field…like 3 times a game.  Maybe one of the kids is worth something.  Though since they only played late in the first exhibition game, something tells me they ain’t that highly regarded.

TE (3):

Locks:  Rob Gronkowski, Scott Chandler

In:  Michael Hoomanawanui

Out:  Jake Bequette

Way Out:  Jimmay Mundine, Logan Stokes

I always want to move on from the Hoo-Man…but the team seemingly loves him.  Bequette probably still sucks at this position too.  But you know how the Pats love versatility.  Don’t even know the last 2.  Can’t imagine they will crack the lineup.

OL (10):

Locks: Nate Solder (LT), Sebastian Vollmer (RT), Bryan Stork (C), Ryan Wendell (G/C), Marcus Cannon (T), Cameron Fleming (T/G?), Shaq Mason (G), Tre’ Jackson (G)

In:  Josh Kline (G/C), Ryan Groy (G)

Out:  Chris Barker (G), Jordan Devey (T)

Way Out:  David Andrews (C), Mark Asper (G)

A little bit in flux here as well.  Solder, Vollmer, Stork and Cannon have missed some time, though I believe Solder and Cannon are back at practice now and none of these injuries appear to be serious.  Wendell is on the preseason PUP list though and Jackson apparently got carted off at practice today.  Barker has been on and off the roster for a couple of years and of course Devey somehow stuck all of last year despite being putrid, so they could end up sticking.  Groy just got here and even though the kid they traded for him (6th round pick, LB Matt Wells) wasn’t anything special, Groy could be some needed depth at this time.  The team seems to like this Andrews lad.  But I don’t know how the team actually likes any of the youngsters after Garoppolo had zero seconds to throw last Thursday night behind them.

Specialists (4):

Locks:  Stephen Gostkowski (K), Ryan Allen (P), Joe Cardona (LS), Matthew Slater (ST)

In:  None

Out:  None

Way Out:  None

I’m sorry, I cannot list Slater as a wide receiver.  This is what he is.  But…no complaints at all.  The guy is excellent at what he does.  No competition at the other 3 spots in camp, so even I could pick these right.  Though Cardona can suck total arse, they can cut him a day before the opener and someone else can step right in without a hitch.  I’m sure it’s happened before.  They cut Danny Aiken in the final cuts last year.  Of course they brought him back like 2 days later, but they still cut the long snapper.  Not unheard of.

Next:  Defense and injury lists…and maybe a total stab at the practice squad if I’m feeling it as well…

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