Jeff Bianchi

An addendum to all the Red Sox related posts recently.  Who is Jeff Bianchi?  Who the F cares?!  But I found his plight interesting.  No one else did, most assuredly.

Not that I care about the player specifically.  But I found that what went on with him within the Red Sox organization seemed to just kind of sum up this season so far, in a nutshell.

Anyway, here is an e-mail I wrote to a group of Sox fan friends on 6/12/15.  Didn’t think it was worthy of a post back then, but now?  Still probably not…but what the hell?  It read as follows…and has been edited slightly for clarity’s sake:

Raise your hand if you knew we had some guy Jeff Bianchi on the roster?

This is a minute point, but kind of falls into line with the way the Sox have been “managed” this year…both by the GM and manager.  A microcosm, if you will:
Bianchi is some journeyman infield stiff that apparently the Sox signed to a minor league contract in the winter.  Didn’t make the team, got reassigned to AAA, blah, blah, blah.
For some reason, they felt they needed him and called him up on 5/24 to replace Shane Victorino on the roster.  He got into the game in the 9th, no ABs.
When they acquired Carlos “we hardly knew ye” Peguero on 5/28, Bianchi was Designated For Assignment, with no further appearances since his Sox debut on the 24th.  On 5/30, he was sent outright to Pawtucket, refused assignment, so he became a free agent.
THE VERY NEXT DAY, 5/31, Bianchi was re-signed to a MAJOR LEAGUE CONTRACT.  And has been on the active roster ever since, not even coming close to sniffing game action.  
This may be stuff that only interests me.  But in addition to the high profile questionable signings (Hanley, Panda, Masterson, Porcello, etc.), they have even mismanaged the back end of the roster, signing a guy that is completely fungible to a deal probably about 500k more than they needed to…and of course, they really don’t need him since he hasn’t played an inning in the 2 weeks he has been back.  Sure they have money to burn, but still…
Also goes to show you that EVERYTHING has gone wrong this year…just everything…

End of e-mail…but not actually the end!  This note is from 6/12.  On 6/13, Bianchi got in the game when Fat Panda got hurt and got 2 at-bats, including one in the 11th inning with Mike Napoli still on the bench and down a run.  Napoli being a stiff this year has already been noted in my recent posts, as well as John Farrell’s poor decision to let Bianchi hit in this particular spot, despite having 1 at-bat in like 3 weeks.  Amazingly enough, in order to have a better shot to tie the game, common sense would indicate that Napoli would have been the better choice there.Then on 6/14, Bianchi cleaned up for Xander Bogaerts at SS in a blowout, no at-bats.

6/15?  DFA’d again.  Money well spent.  Again, the Sox can swallow the dough.  But what was the whole point of it?

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