Silent no more…more…

Now for the players.  Some things I would like to see.  Again, some immediate and some by the end of the season.

Starting with the pitching staff:

Immediate moves, in no particular order:

*Recall Brian Johnson and insert him into the rotation in Joe Kelly’s place.  Johnson has apparently passed a lot of pitchers on the food chain in the past year or so.  He was getting starts at the end of Spring Training in the big league camp…not that Spring Training means anything (see Napoli, Mike…more on him in the next post).  But it means the club was getting a better look at him as teams were playing their better players as the season was approaching to get a better read on his “readiness”, to some degree.

Johnson is 8-4 in Pawtucket, 2.80 ERA, 1.14 WHIP to go along with that.  69 K’s in 74 innings.  E-Rod was 4-3, 2.98, 1.10, 44 K’s in 48 innings when he got the call.  It’s time to make that move I would say.

As for Kelly, wow.  That playful boast in the spring of winning the Cy Young…ouch.  Another banner start Tuesday night.  So he throws 97…big deal.  A lot of guys do that and are putrid, he seems to be falling in line with that.  I just wonder where all these pundits came from early in this year…the ones who were saying that they expected to see him emerge as the “ace” of the staff because of his stuff.  He’s 27 years old!  And has largely pitched out of the bullpen in his career.  Where were these “experts” previously?  And all of a sudden he is “ace” material?  Ace Hardware maybe.  He’s got the safety glasses for that type of work anyway.  Just never made sense to me.

Seems like a middle reliever to me.  Thought that last year when the Sox traded for him.  Let’s see how that works out now.

*Release Justin Masterson.  I’d be ok if he accepted his move to the bullpen and we’d see if he can get back to something.  He has for now, reluctantly.  But as he keeps seeing Kelly, Rick Porcello and Wade Miley throwing up one stinkbomb after another, you think he is going to keep quiet?  I don’t.  He thinks he is still good.  The evidence doesn’t point to that.  Just get him out of here already.  Too bad.  I used to love the guy.

*Come up with the old Celtics “Hellenic flu” for Porcello and throw him on the DL.  Use the same phantom injury they gave Masterson if need be.  Tell him to stay away for a bit and get his head out of his arse.  Then come back and be ready to go.  That’s the best advice I can give now on him.  I certainly don’t want to see him back on the hill soon.  But I will, I am sure…

Moves over the next couple of months:

*Trade Clay Buchholz.  Admittedly, I am biased.  I just can’t stand the guy.  Brittle.  Baby.  Not competitive.  Wildly inconsistent.  Etc.  When you have to essentially beg a guy to take the ball in the World Series, do you want to go to war with that loser?  Every time he gets the sniffles you have to handle him with kid gloves.  I’m just done with his act.

In an actual baseball sense, the guy has plenty of talent, likely the best pitcher on the staff.  Age 31 in August though, is there any more upside?  2 team friendly options of 13 mil in 2016 and 13.5 in 2017 makes him marketable for sure.  He has rebounded from his putrid start to the season.  And he has already thrown 86 innings, which means an inexplicable injury is right around the corner.

With the team going nowhere, this may be the time to finally rid ourselves of…er, trade the guy for hopefully some value.

*Recall Henry Owens and give him a taste of the big leagues for a couple of months.  Bullpen first, perhaps Bucky’s rotation spot later?  Walking a ton of guys in AAA, but not giving up a ton of hits, so his WHIP is sitting at 1.27.  Not great, but coming down.  Maybe in another month make the move.

*Release Craig Breslow and give his job to a kid.  Breslow is one of those “thanks for 2013 bud” guys that were awesome that year…him, the 2nd half especially.  But generally putrid since then.  No need for a guy like that on this years’ team.  Probably no trade value.  So just let him go.

Pick a guy for his spot.  Heath Hembree has absolutely nothing left to prove in AAA, give him a chance.  Same could be said for Steven Wright.  Matt Barnes may rebound here.  Dailer Hinojosa.  Edwin Escobar.  Anyone that may help for the future.  Breslow is not that guy.

That pretty much covers available options inside the organization, I would have to say.  You are stuck with Miley and Porcello.  Koji Uehara and Junichi Tazawa are fine at the back end of the bullpen of course…as long as they aren’t overused…which they are, ssssooooo…is Koji’s 9 mil next year a holdup for trade value?  Worth considering, I think…but unlikely to happen.  So I won’t waste my breath.

For the sake of completeness, leave Eduardo Rodriguez in the rotation, obviously.  You could do worse than Alexi Ogando and Tommy Layne in the bullpen, though I am not married to them.  May as well keep Robbie Ross Jr. around as well…since you traded an alleged top prospect (Anthony Ranaudo) straight up for him.

NEXT:  The everyday players.


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