Trying to be patient…

…because the one thing that I wanted them to do in free agency, as well as what most other Patriots fans wanted them to do, was to re-sign Darrelle Revis.  Everything else would be gravy, right?

Of course they did not.  And it made me sick to my stomach initially.  Can’t say much has changed over the past couple of days.  Though I have TRIED to look a little more at the big picture.

So I would have kept Revis, of course that is clear.  Even in the worst case scenario, I would have picked up the option year.  Even though that option was exorbitant, not to mention the cap hit that came with it, it’s hard for me to believe that the Patriots couldn’t have maneuvered the cap to fit it in.  Restructuring a few players, cutting some dead weight, all that.  It could have been done.

But this is the New England Patriots.  We should have known there was no way they going to pay Revis.  No way that they were going to pick up that option.  ESPECIALLY after winning the Super Bowl.

Was it the right move?  Only time will tell.  Every year I am disappointed with the team at the start of the free agent process.  Every year, the team seems to shop in the bargain aisle.  And every year when the rosters are full and they are ready to start the regular season, it turns out things are not as bleak as everyone made it out to be in March.

In Bill We Trust?  Maybe.

But this one feels different.  As I stated in previous posts, the formula for winning a Super Bowl seemingly came down to keeping Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Revis healthy.  Everything else would work out.  Last year everything fell into place and the Pats were Super Bowl champions.  Prevailing wisdom would be to bring most of the band back together for at least one more run…before Brady’s “window” closes.  Made total sense.  Seemed that the team could work the cap to make this happen.  Then after next year?  Who knows?  But one more shot would’ve been nice.

This isn’t to say they won’t get another shot next season.  Still plenty of talent on the roster and plenty of time to acquire more.  The draft has yet to happen too.  None of the other free agents that have left this offseason will kill them.  Brandon Browner was nice, and yes, I wanted him back too.  His penalties frustrated the hell out of me, but the refs largely put their whistles away in the postseason, when it mattered.  But without Revis on the other side, is Browner truly a #1 now?  We will see how that one works out for the Saints.  Shane Vereen can be replaced, as can Big Vince Wilfork, sad to say.  The Pats weren’t going to pay guys like Akeem Ayers and Jonathan Casillas like triple their worth.  Liked what I saw from Ayers actually, but he can be replaced…and apparently has already by Jabal Sheard.

But it goes without saying that Patriots Nation would have felt more comfortable with Darrelle back there.

I believe people are mistaken with the whole guaranteed money thing however.  The Jets gave him 39 million fully guaranteed.  The Patriots were said to have offered 35 mil guaranteed.  People have been ripping the Pats…how could they let him get away for only 4 million???!!  But was it FULLY guaranteed?  Doubtful.  Reports have not indicated the fully guaranteed dollars, from what I have seen.  So was the money really that close?  Again, doubtful.  Big difference between the two offers, it would appear.

I don’t think the Kraft family is cheap.  But they are hard core businessmen.  As is Bill Belichick.  It does bug me sometimes how they continue to look at the future more than “loading up” and trying to take advantage of Brady’s last couple of years.  But they have had a pretty good run and who can really argue with it?  As businessmen, I think they also see some things coming up after next year and didn’t want to lock up too much dough for Revis where it would preclude them from doing things with the players that are up.  Gronk has a huge bonus next offseason that will need to be addressed one way or another.  Nate Solder, Chandler Jones, Dont’a Hightower, Ryan Wendell and of course the franchise tagged Stephen Gostkowski are up after next season.  Wendell may not be a key guy to keep, but right now there is not much guard depth on the team and he remains the backup center, so maybe he will be useful.  In any event, kind of a big deal to keep most of those guys.  Would they be able to if they locked Revis up?  Possibly, but who knows?

One other decision we may never know the answer to:  Why Devin McCourty and not Revis?  I’d have paid Revis first.  McCourty failed as a cornerback.  And it’s not like he’s Ed Reed out there at safety.  A good player, but many do not feel he is great.  I don’t anyway.  But I’m not in the NFL in any capacity, so I suppose it’s possible I am missing something.  For my money though, I am paying a franchise, shutdown cornerback over a decent, centerfield safety any day of the week.  It’s kind of shocking that Devin got 28.5 mil guaranteed.  Yes, maybe none of it is fully guaranteed, but still.  Just seems like a wild overpayment for a team that does not normally overpay in the slightest bit.  I have no explanation for this move.  Other than they knew they were losing Revis, (and maybe knew if they lost Revis, they were dumping Browner), so they sure as hell weren’t losing another starting member of the secondary.  But the whole thing is hard to fathom.

So as usual at this time of year, we just have to sit back and see how everything shakes out over the next couple of months or so.  See if Bill and Robert were right again.  I like the Sheard move mentioned above, but I am not sure it’s a game breaker.  And other than that, I have to say none of the other moves so far, free agent (Brandon Gibson, Kevin Dorsey, etc.) or re-signings (James Develin, Sealver Siliga, etc.), have raised my antennae too much.  Drafting #32 in the first round come May doesn’t really get me all fired up either.

Here’s hoping Chimdi Chekwa is the next Revis…hey, he supposedly runs a 4.3 40, it’s a nice start, no?



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I am a passionate and life long fan of the local teams...and by local I mean New England. I remember the days of Ray Bourque, Larry Bird, Steve Grogan and Wade Boggs...meaning I have lived the highs and lows of the Boston sports scene. With all this pent up Boston sports emotion, I clearly have a lot to say about the local teams and sometimes about sports in general. Maybe even the Revolution... I appreciate you reading my blog and hope you enjoy my rants.

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  1. Is Reggie Bush coming to town? That would make me happy. He seems to be a perfect back for their offense. Hey they won the Super Bowl on O not D. I mean Revis let up that TD late. I am very disappointed, but it seems he wanted to go to the Jets again. Why is the question? Fuck it – sign Bush! Just not George W.

    • Bush to SF…I would’ve taken him, but he likely wanted too much dough. Revis got picked by the ref on the TD…yes, he shouldn’t have allowed that to happen, but the ref didn’t exactly do a great job in avoiding it either. Regardless, that is the only catch he allowed on the game. The Seahawks picked on Arrington and Ryan to get most of their points. And Collins on a couple of throws to Lynch. If you take Revis (and Browner) out of the equation, then those 2 guys become your top corners? Yikes! The whole point is that Revis kind of puts everyone at the level they should be at. Now without him, everyone else is playing against a better WR…not ideal…

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