Bruin’s Trade Deadline thoughts

Overall reaction?  Well, it was what I expected.  I last wrote that I didn’t think Peter Chiarelli and the organization would do much for potentially a few reasons (still up against the cap, had more holes than expected and couldn’t fill them all, did they really want to extend for a team that didn’t project to go deep in the playoffs at this point, etc.).  They apparently did end up putting David Krejci on Long-Term Injured Reserve.  At least that is what I heard earlier today.  I haven’t bothered to confirm that simply because they really didn’t spend his money.  Doesn’t appear they did anyway.  So I’m not surprised.

In reality, the damage to this year was already inflicted long ago, in my mind.  So today’s activity didn’t really affect me either way.

Taken individually:

*A pair of second round picks for Brett Connolly.  Don’t know much about the dude, but he was taken #6 overall in 2010…otherwise known as the Taylor Hall/Tyler Seguin draft.  And a ton of other great players came out of it as well…but that actually doesn’t include Connolly unfortunately.  I guess Pete figured he had #2, traded him away and is taking a beating for it, so why not go get #6 and see if that settles people down a bit?  Ok, maybe not.

I don’t mind the gamble that he may develop eventually though.  With Chiarelli’s putrid (and that is being kind) track record of drafting, those picks would probably be useless anyway.  I heard a stat today, courtesy of 98.5 The Sports Hub in town, that in Pete’s tenure he has drafted 48 guys.  Only 4 of them have played FIFTY games or more in the NHL:  Seguin, Dougie Hamilton, Joe Colborne (zero for B’s) & Jordan Caron (yikes!).  Ouch!!  I didn’t bother confirming this stat either, because it just sounds right.  But Connolly is still just 22 years old, so maybe something will come of it.

*Jordan Caron and a 6th round pick for Maxime Talbot and Paul Carey.  If the 2nd round picks are going to be useless in Pete’s hands, just imagine what the 6th rounder will be.  And most of New England is happy just to see Caron go away.  No 4th line type has gotten the chances that Caron has gotten here under Claude.  He has never, ever produced…or added basically anything to the mix.  He has actually cleared waivers earlier in the year here, when others recently have not (see more below on Craig Cunningham and Matt Fraser).  These may be addition by subtraction.

Talbot’s been around for a while.  I suppose he is better on the 4th line than Caron.  May be a decent pickup.  Maybe he will actually provide something worthwhile.  I don’t hate it.  I don’t love his salary at 1.8 mil for next year though.  I suppose we can worry about that next year though.  Plus Pete said that the Avs picked up some of the dough.  So we will see how that plays out.  Carey was born in Boston and went to BC, so I guess he’s got that going for him.  I just found that out because I just had to look him up.  Other than that, he is 26 years old and has 1 assist in 22 career NHL games.  I’m not hoping for much here.

I’d say that the B’s “won” this trade.  But it ain’t getting them a Cup, that’s for sure.

*Jared Knight for Zack Phillips.  A good old-fashioned AHL trade!  Knight was a 2nd round pick in that aforementioned 2010 draft.  Kept hearing his name as one of the next big things to come up.  Not so much.  He has done less than very little at Providence.  Phillips was a first round pick a year later.  I’m told by a person who knows some hockey that he may have some upside.  I’m not counting on it though.  Seems like a “change of scenery” trade here.  I doubt I am even going to keep it on my radar actually.

*Waived Craig Cunningham, who was subsequently claimed by Arizona.  This was obviously not a trade.  And he was waived a couple of days ago.  But I thought it was worth noting, as mentioned above.  This part isn’t really about Cunningham being some great player or anything.  It’s about losing an “asset” for absolutely nothing.  Jeez, they got something for Caron, who as I said above, actually cleared waivers a few months back.  Why couldn’t they get something for Cunningham this weekend?  Same goes for the waiving of Matt Fraser a couple months ago too.

Fraser and Cunningham could turn out to be complete stiffs going forward.  But they have certain parts of their game that are positives.  Cunningham played 32 games for Boston this year.  4th line guy, but killed some penalties.  They even had him on the first line for a stretch (before David Pastrnak came up for good and as they were searching for SOMEONE to play there, but it still counts!).  Julien usually sticks with a kid on the 4th line for like 3 games and if he isn’t getting it done, he goes and gets someone else from Providence.  But CC was up here for 32 games straight.  Must have been doing something right.

It just irks me about losing players that have some value for nothing, that’s all.  However little that value may be.  Couldn’t get a late round pick for either?  I know, I just called all the B’s draft picks likely useless, but still…

*No defensemen involved in today’s activity.  Thought this was worth pointing out as well.  You could argue the teams’ biggest hole is second pairing D-man.  The defense in general has been suspect, but the big hole is 2nd pairing, making the Boychuk trade more infuriating.  Zdeno Chara and Dennis Seidenberg aren’t the same, for whatever reasons.  Hamilton has been good, from all reports, but that is largely it.  Torey Krug, Adam McQuaid, Kevin Miller, Zach Trotman, Matt Bartkowski, etc. are probably no better than 3rd pairing D-men.  Surprising there wasn’t a trade to bring another one in.  Do they really believe that Bart has “settled” into that role perhaps?  Ugh.

In summary, I can’t really get all hot and bothered about Pete’s moves at the deadline, because I didn’t expect any.  My expectations for the team as a whole have diminished as the season has gone on.  So I am ok with them not trading a Subban or other REAL prospect (whoever that may be) or even one of the “core” for a rental the rest of the year.  I just don’t expect them to go deep in the playoffs with the team as is and I didn’t see a “quick fix” to change those thoughts.

What I am hoping for is some sort of roster overhaul in the summer.  It’s time to mix things up and it will probably be easier to do in the offseason.  Better cap management is a must.  Better drafting too…goes without saying.  Will that include Pete and Claude?  Not sure.  Wouldn’t shock me either way, though I don’t expect ownership to eat Claude’s 3 year extension.  We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.  In the meantime…just hope for the best.  There isn’t anyone else coming now…



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  1. What a complete farce this has become. Pete has so poorly managed the cap it is pathetic. I completely agree with your assessment of Cunningham and Fraser. No one thinks Pete could have received a 2nd round pick for BOTH…mainly because he cannot trade with himself. But you mean to tell me he couldn’t get a 5th rounder for each? I would take a 6th rounder for each…at least you have another pick. And as atrocious as Pete is with drafting, even a blind squirrel finds a nut, just need to give him enough chances.

    I do think there might have been some directive from above – no major moves. Sink or swim with your collection of assets. I think they might fire him in the offseason, but let Claude start out with his new contract.

    Sad thing – I fear this collection of players that looked promising in 2011 may only win 1 title. Awful

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