Super Bowl wrap up

Ok, so it’s been almost a week since the game.  Tough to write anything when you are still flying high though.  And wanting to watch it again…and again, along with all the celebrations and postgame commentary.  What a game.  Almost another huge disappointment for New England, largely due to an improbable catch.  Thank you Mr. Carroll, Mr. Wilson and especially Mr. Butler for making a bunch of Patriots fans extremely happy.

But to all the haters out there, let’s face it.  The better team won this game.  They completely dominated the first half, yet were somehow tied at halftime.  Thanks mainly to an incredibly stupid end zone interception by Tom Brady, a deep pass caught by a guy no one had ever heard of and the Patriot defense falling asleep the last 30 seconds of the half (plus the dumb face mask penalty by Kyle Arrington that didn’t help).  Not to mention that on the first Seattle TD drive, on a 3rd and 6 on their own 34, Jermaine Kearse caught a 5.5 yard pass, errrrr…a 6 yard pass that gave them a first down, albeit getting a generous spot in the process.  I’ve watched it a few times.  He was short, at least from that camera angle.  And maybe the angle was the problem.  So be it, but surprised that more was not made of that.  Anyway, all part of the game, I get it.  But the Pats should’ve been running away with it at that point.  May have changed how the second half unfolded.

Seattle certainly had their moments.  From the end of the 2nd quarter to maybe the end of the 3rd quarter, they were on a roll.  Of course, that is when they got all their points, so that’s easy enough for me to say.  Can’t say enough about the New England defense.  They obviously stepped up when they needed to.  Beast Mode had over 100 yards, but it sure didn’t feel like it.  About 4 yards a carry…I consider that a “win” for the D.  Russell Wilson only had 3 scrambles…nice ones, but this Patriot team can be susceptible to mobile QB’s.  I thought they did a great job limiting him in that capacity.  Chris Matthews came out of nowhere, props to him and the Seattle coaches for taking advantage of his size.  But props also to the Patriot coaches for realizing that Arrington and Logan Ryan were not getting it done and changing up coverage assignments (and adding in Malcolm Butler as well).  Seattle doesn’t make defensive adjustments apparently, but maybe they should’ve taken note.  Once Jeremy Lane got hurt on his INT, his replacement, Tharold Simon got torched repeatedly.  Maybe an adjustment was necessary?  Maybe Brady’s stupid interception actually benefitted the Pats in the long run?

I remain a little shocked that the Pats only threw to Richard Sherman’s side of the field once during the entire game.  Did the same thing that Aaron Rodgers did when the Packers played them earlier in the year.  Even with Sherman a little banged up.  Didn’t think the Pats would be “afraid” of him as much as they were.  I was even more surprised that Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor were seemingly unaffected by their significant injuries.  Making hard hits, moving around freely…I’m sure they had some “help”, if you know what I mean.  But still…

You know who else I’d like to give some props to?  The officials.  By and large, they let these guys play.  The obvious calls seemed to have been made, for the most part.  Seemed to me they swallowed their whistles on the ticky-tack stuff.  You could’ve made cases for Seattle roughing the punter on the first Pats punt, Brady for intentional grounding on the play before his 2nd pick, Matthews slightly shoving Arrington on a long 3rd quarter catch, Butler tripping Ricardo Lockette late (although I rewound this one a bunch of times and it really was debatable whether Butler actually got his foot…seemed to reach for it though), Chancellor helmet to helmet hit on Julian Edelman in the 4th, etc.  Receivers and DB’s seemed to be using their hands more and getting away with it, Brandon Browner mostly, per usual.  Regular season, these are all probably called.  I like that they weren’t Sunday.  Although I hated that the ref picked Darrelle Revis in the end zone by not trying to get out of the way.  Give credit to the Seahawks for that one though…reluctantly…

Pete Carroll is getting a lot of heat for his goal line call at the end of the game.  Deservedly so.  I would’ve had run Lynch.  To me it was a no-brainer.  He gets a yard, no problem.  I’m not going with the 1 for 5 stats that he accumulated over the season on runs from the 1 yard line.  I am going with my eyes.  If you are going to pass, do a Wilson roll out, which allows him to scramble in if he had a chance.  Also to throw it out of the end zone if nothing is there. A slant over the middle?  Too many things could’ve gone wrong.  What if one of the fat D-lineman got a paw on it?  What if Lockette didn’t appear open at first and Wilson had to hold it and took a sack, since that appeared to be the one and only option he was locked in on?  Many other risks, topped off by of course, the INT that actually happened.  People have pointed to Lynch blowing by Jamie Collins and being open in the far corner of the end zone.  But I can’t point to that because it was a quick play and I believe Wilson pretty much had the ball out of his hands before Lynch completely broke free.  I am also not bashing Pete for passing, just the actual play.  Pete should also be hammered for his atrocious time out management on that drive.

You know who else should be bashed though?  Kearse.  Up 24-14 and at midfield, he dropped like a 30 yard bomb that would’ve put them inside the NE 20, late in the 3rd quarter.  Likely more points to come.  More clock to waste.  And more pressure put on the Pats.  Just an awful drop.  Seattle scores a TD there, the game may be over.  Not enough is being made of this.  But I thank Mr. Kearse for this, obviously.

One thing I also found somewhat amazing.  Seattle tight ends had ZERO catches.  More remarkably, they also had ZERO targets.  This one totally mystifies me.  The Pats were absolutely atrocious against opposing tight ends this year.  Did Seattle miss this fact on tape somehow?  Or did Pete even have them watch tape?  Not that Luke Willson or Tony Meoaki and whoever else they have are normally game changers.  But the Pats have faced similar TE competition this year and were eaten up.  Not sure why Seattle didn’t test them there.  I haven’t heard any analysis on this over the last week.  Not sure why not.

Also, did Butler need to take the ball out of the end zone after the pick?  Knee jerk decision of course, so hard to criticize actually.  But it was kind of hairy there at the end with the ball on the half yard line.  Not a lot of room to kneel down.  Take a safety, free kick, Seattle can do a play or two and then kick a game winning field goal.  This scenario was realistic folks.  Not enough was being made of this either.  Thankfully Michael Bennett jumped.  You still had a chance dummy…should’ve forced the Pats to make it happen from the half yard line.  Thanks to you too, Mr. Bennett.

Regardless of who you root for, the game was a classic.  So many twists and turns.  A few “defining moments”.  Players most have never heard of, like Matthews and Butler, stepping into the limelight huge.  Studs like Brady and Edelman (and Wilson early) making plays when plays need to be made.  Etc.  This piece probably would have had a different tone had the Pats lost.  Especially since I did feel they were the better team overall on Sunday.  Thanks once again for Mr. Butler.  Let’s hope this is not the last we have heard from the youngster though…


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