Are we done…

…with Deflategate already?

At first, I thought the whole thing was ridiculous.  After the initial information came out, I then became a little angry.  Even though I said that there were a lot of unanswered questions, that the reports were coming from “anonymous sources” and weren’t officially confirmed and that I wanted to wait until the investigation was over and see what the results were, I just assumed the New England Patriots were guilty along with thousands of others.  Because they ALWAYS push the limits.

And maybe they were guilty.  But again, does it matter?  More importantly, did it warrant almost two weeks of non-stop coverage?  Before the most important game of the year?  Nope.

The reporting didn’t help.  First all the footballs were deflated by more than 2 lbs.  Then it was only 1.  Then it was D’Qwell Jackson of the Colts who was the one who started it after he intercepted Brady and thought the ball was light.  But no, it was actually John Harbaugh and the Ravens.  Nope again, it was some personnel guy that used to work for the Jets that now works for the NFL was the one who blew the whistle.

Former players spoke out…but those seemed to be only the ones that suffered losses to the Pats in the past…Mark Brunell and Jerome Bettis, to name a few.  They could tell the ball was underinflated in studio, but the refs couldn’t on the field.  OK.  People like Ray Lewis and Jim Irsay were talking about protecting the integrity of the game.  Those two morons should definitely be the ones speaking about integrity…of anything.  Right.

Then the scientists came out.  Some supported the Pats, some didn’t.  Bill Nye, the Science Guy, came out against the Pats.  Probably helped that he is a Seahawks fan.  Others disputed Bill Belichick’s description of the science behind it.  That’s not very hard to do, as last time I checked, Belichick is a football coach, not a scientist.  He likely was just explaining the science side as best he could in his press conference.  I don’t think he meant it to be gospel.

The NFL hasn’t draped themselves in glory here either.  Their statement said virtually nothing.  Then the Dean of Officials came out yesterday and said they did not log the readings from before the game against Indy.  They inexplicably had not interviewed Tom Brady before his press conference last week.  I haven’t seen the NFL say anything of substance since their statement either.  I’ve heard that a locker room guy ducked into a bathroom for 90 seconds with the footballs.  And I’ve heard people level charges that 12 footballs can be deflated easily in 90 seconds.  But what if he just had to use the bathroom?  Seems logical.

Seems to me the NFL should have been more transparent during this whole process.  Didn’t Roger Goodell claim he was going to be more transparent in one of his major press conferences this year…you know, the one that involved the whole Ray Rice and domestic violence cases in the NFL this year?  I get that investigations take time.  But I am not only talking transparency for the fans, but also the organizations involved.  The fact that Belichick, Brady and Robert Kraft had their press conferences to dispute this whole mess tells me that even they are out of the loop.

Some of the personal conversations I have had the past 2 weeks have been downright comical as well.  Mostly from non-Pats fans, so what did I expect?  One person said that if the officials passed through the footballs in the inspection before the game, doesn’t matter if they were deflated before that (as most QB’s like to doctor their footballs before the inspection, as I am sure most everyone has learned recently), they are good to go.  Kind of like Aaron Rodgers inflating them and having them pass inspection (if they actually do so…they probably do though, since we never hear about that).  I thought that was a fair point, something that probably a lot of teams/QB’s try to get away with, among other things.

A couple of responses to that?  Well, they still say that it’s cheating.  Cheating is kind a strong word here, but whatever.  It was the examples they used that absolutely slayed me:  “If I punch my wife in the face and the police don’t see it, then it doesn’t count right?”  “If I carry a kilo of cocaine through airport security and the detectors don’t catch it, then that is fine, right?”  I paraphrased a bit here, but are we actually comparing a football deflated by a pound to domestic violence and drug smuggling?  Wow.  I see what they were trying to say, but more relevant examples should have been in order there, I would say.

The fact that this is a lead story on national and local news is insane.  I listen to the local sports radio program here in Boston in the afternoon, the new one that is better than the old one.  And I generally find the show entertaining, despite not always agreeing with the hosts.  I had to actually stop listening earlier this week.  #1, they were coming down pretty hard on the Pats.  Based on the information available, maybe that was the way to go.  But it seemed as if they were overcompensating and going a tad overboard.  #2, they spent maybe 15 minutes combined over the first 6-7 days talking about anything other than Deflategate.  Too much…just too much, regardless if a lot of the callers wanted to talk about this subject.

Right now, this whole thing is laughable.  Maybe they did do it.  But you couldn’t overblow this story any more than it was.  On something that really doesn’t matter.  Unless you are that clown Indy writer who compared this to the 1919 Black Sox scandal.  Just another head-scratcher.  Let’s let the facts come out and make judgments from there.  I’m embarrassed I came out last week and jumped to some conclusions as well.  We will see what comes of it and then make proper conclusions.  Of course this being the NFL, that could mean July.

In the meantime, there is a game to play.

Oh, and didn’t Aaron Hernandez’ trial start this week too?  Something else a little more important, eh?


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I am a passionate and life long fan of the local teams...and by local I mean New England. I remember the days of Ray Bourque, Larry Bird, Steve Grogan and Wade Boggs...meaning I have lived the highs and lows of the Boston sports scene. With all this pent up Boston sports emotion, I clearly have a lot to say about the local teams and sometimes about sports in general. Maybe even the Revolution... I appreciate you reading my blog and hope you enjoy my rants.

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  1. I find the entire ESPN media establishment to be a bunch of loud, middling sycophants, with nothing better to do than to trash the reputations of two people who are going to their sixth Superbowl. WTF. I know something may have gone wrong here, but to not know the facts and then to malign Brady and Belichek this way was alarming. Brunnel can go fuck himself. I am the locker room guy!

    • Starting to feel that way about ESPN myself. I have no proof of this, but I heard that they had that Sports Science segment backing the Pats to some degree on their site and then took it down. They may have put it back up, who knows, or cares? But if that is true, guess it didn’t fit the agenda early on, so they yanked it. Nice work. But the fact that some of these ex-athletes are given jobs is comical. Some aren’t bad, but there are a great deal of them that are useless…goes for most of the network arseclowns I suppose as well. Because Ray Lewis babbled incoherent bullcrap to his teammates before a game that supposedly fired them up I guess he deserves a job there. Silly. That is a sweet Kimmel video though!

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