Flotsam and Jetsam, Part III

One last brain dump, I promise:

*Red Sox Hall of Fame comments:

The Red Sox Hall of Fame induction ceremony was last week.  Four individuals were enshrined:  Roger Clemens, Pedro Martinez, Nomar Garciaparra, and Joe Castiglione.  Interesting group, to say the least.

As big a clown, liar, joke, and any other disparaging word you can say about Rog, and there are many, he does belong in the Red Sox Hall…and the Major League Baseball Hall as well, but that is a topic for a different day.  The guy was one of the best pitchers in baseball for a long time.  Maybe even better once he got those ‘roids going strong, but still a great one even before that.  I have trouble stomaching him, so that’s all I want to say for now.

Pedro absolutely belongs as well.  There can be no dispute on that.  But Nomar?  Hmmmmm…sure he burst on the scene like a house of fire.  But he also fizzled out pretty quickly…though admittedly in other cities.  He technically was around for 9 years in Boston, though 3 of the seasons were abbreviated for one reason or another.  So 6 years of dominance?  OK, Pedro was around for 7 years.  So if you are going to be fair, I suppose due to this deeper look, Nomar belongs as well.

My biggest question is with Joe Castiglione.  By all accounts, Joe is a great guy.  He is a capable announcer.  And he is clearly a big fan of the team…as they say, you can always tell whether the Red Sox were winning or losing by the tone of Joe’s voice.  But this induction has gotten me to wonder if announcers really deserve to be in any Halls of Fame?  There is some skill to announcing a game, don’t get me wrong.  Especially on radio, where you have try a little harder to keep someone’s interest, specifically in today’s day and age with all the distractions in the world.  Some announcers are waaaaay better than others.  Some are complete gasbags.  Some get into the field because their Dads are “legends”.  Some are just simply not knowledgeable.  All different kinds are out there.  But are the top announcers really “Hall of Famers”?  Do they make a real difference in the game?  I’m not entirely sure about that.  It’s not like they are providing any fresh viewpoints on the game or its strategies…they have color analysts for that.  They just tell us what they see on the field.  I have not really thought too much about this until recently.  But a decent topic to debate.

*Tom Werner was almost the commish.  OK, that wasn’t going to happen.  But the fact that they even let him in the voting is kind of laughable.  Most people don’t believe that he was a legit candidate. But he supposedly got 8 votes the first time around.  So some of the owners may have felt otherwise, crazy as that idea sounds.

*Joe Maddon is starting to get on my nerves.  OK, he has been on my nerves for quite some time.  But his recent comments regarding the whole Derek Jeter standing ovations were ridiculous.   In case you missed it, he was upset that Jetes got standing O’s at Tropicana Field when the Yanks were in town.  Wants the fans to cheer the Rays too…first and foremost actually.  Now, you all know my feelings on Jetes.  But it is his farewell tour, so it is what it is.  Also, it does make sense for the home fans to cheer, you know, the HOME team.

But remember, this is Tampa.  No one goes to games.  So when visiting teams are in town, most notably the Yankees and Red Sox, the transplants from up north fill a great deal of the empty seats.  And other transplants may go as well, especially if it’s a nice day and want to enjoy the outdoors (whoops, strike that…stupid dome), who don’t root for Tampa either.  What does Maddon expect from this type of crowd?

So Joe, here are some ideas to get fans to root for Tampa going forward:

  1. Move to a real city that will actually support a Major League Baseball team.
  2. Don’t trade your best pitcher (David Price) while you are still at least within striking distance of a playoff spot (not to mention with a year plus left on his contract, and while you receive a minimal return, which is what they got by all indications).
  3. When your best players come to a time in their career where they deserve a sizable raise in their first free agent contract, don’t trade them EVERY TIME either. Then people will just think you are the Miami/Florida Marlins…though ummmm, they have actually won World Series’.
  4. Get a real ballpark. Catwalks?  Dome cover where tons of balls get lost against?
  5. I could probably go on…but I’m bored with the topic of Maddon now.

*What’s the purpose of sending Jackie Bradley Jr. down to Pawtucket now?  You stick with the guy all year and he is atrocious offensively the whole time.  And you think sending him down with like 15 games to go in Pawtucket’s season will change him around any?  If they were going to send him down, they should have just done it in like June.  Why bother?  I saw some gibberish about saving his options and a 20 day rule and some silliness like that.  I’m sure that is all technically true, but seriously, what’s the sense?  Did Mookie Betts all of sudden become a stud CF the last 3 weeks in AAA?

Speaking of Mookie, you knew this guy is a prospect.  You also knew that he played 2B exclusively.  You also knew Dustin Pedroia’s 8 year extension kicked in this year.  Wouldn’t it have made sense for the Red Sox to experiment playing him in various positions BEFORE this year?  Instead of force feeding him halfway through the season?  And if they do it with Betts (and to other guys like Brock Holt and even Garin Cecchini playing some outfield in Pawtucket this year), why not do it with Yoenis Cespedes?  They want him to play RF for this team, but don’t want to make the move in-season because “they don’t want to throw that much at him now…” or some nonsense like that.  What’s the difference?  Is it that Yoenis is a veteran and they don’t want to tick him off or something?  Seems foolish to me…especially when this season is already over.

Do they send Xander Bogaerts down now as well?  It’s not like he has been that much better than Bradley…and Bradley has the decisive defensive edge.  I wouldn’t.  But it would be nice if he got his head out of his keister.

*Very briefly on the Patriots’ 2nd exhibition game:

I wonder if this whole Stevan Ridley fumbling thing has reached its boiling point.  I essentially said a few weeks ago that the people that thought Ridley would get cut are stupid.  Then he put the ball on the ground again…even though I suppose the fumble would have been overturned had it gone to replay.  No matter, he just can’t be dropping balls on the turf.  So I am starting to wonder myself now.  I really don’t think they will cut him.  But it’s getting to the point that I think they may be willing to take a late round pick for him.  Guys like Tiki Barber and Kevin Faulk overcame their fumbling issues.  Ridley apparently has not.  Adrian Peterson fumbles a lot.  But he also rushes for a billion yards and touchdowns every year, against defenses always stacked to stop him.  Ridley is no AP.  He’s a good back, but not exactly irreplaceable.  Not that Brandon Bolden, Jonas Gray or Roy Finch (or even Shane Vereen or James White) are bell cows…but you don’t need those kinds of backs anymore.  Interesting to see how they handle the 3rd exhibition game.  Then things should clear up a little anyway.

Ryan Mallett played better…but was the last QB off the bench…and it was the Eagles he was playing to boot.  They carried 3 QB’s in Mallett’s first year, as he became acclimated to the pro game a little bit.  Leaning towards that they may do the same thing in Jimmy Garoppolo’s first year as well.  But we will probably get a better feeling on this after the next game too.

I can’t even talk about all the flags.  Please stop.

Mark Sanchez completed ALL of his passes attempted!  Well, one was to the Pats, but still…I found this interesting anyway.

Special teams…ugh…but I have to say, I can’t remember anything special about the special team play from the Patriots in past seasons.  Not that I would anyway.  But I remember saying last year that special teams looked ugly because they were probably trying new bodies and new combinations every time.  Once they figure things out, those guys will be ready for the season and theoretically should play better as a unit.  That’s what I tell myself anyway.  Although this all has nothing to do with Ryan Allen watching a snap fly through his hands.

Please do not try to make a tackle ever again in an exhibition game, Tom Brady.  I’m imagining an injury right now…I have to go…

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I am a passionate and life long fan of the local teams...and by local I mean New England. I remember the days of Ray Bourque, Larry Bird, Steve Grogan and Wade Boggs...meaning I have lived the highs and lows of the Boston sports scene. With all this pent up Boston sports emotion, I clearly have a lot to say about the local teams and sometimes about sports in general. Maybe even the Revolution... I appreciate you reading my blog and hope you enjoy my rants.

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  1. I think Castiglione should be in the Red Sox Hall of Fame. It is just the teams choice. Announcers tend to have a long shelf life and people become accustomed to them.
    Ned Martin and Ken Coleman are in the hall.
    No World Series wins perhaps he does not get inducted.
    People tend to have strong opinions on announcers. He has been there for thirty years or so.
    I think he should be there.

    • Fair point, thanks for the comment. As I said, I hadn’t really given it much thought until recently. And I’m still trying to figure out how I really feel!

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