Pats projected roster…defense and specialists…

First exhibition game tonight.  Continuing on with the projections.  27 guys on offense so far.,,here are the rest (again, (L) for locks):

DL:  Chandler Jones (L), Vince Wilfork (L), Rob Ninkovich (L), Tommy Kelly (L), Sealver Siliga (L), Chris Jones (L), Will Smith, Michael Buchanan, Zach Moore, Dominique Easley:

Some of the pundits are fast to subtract Kelly.  I don’t see it.  I guess if the Pats think that Joe Vellano has more upside.  Siliga’s injury could provide some room.  But I’m not sure Marcus Fortson or Jake Bequette are making the team over Kelly.  I’m convinced that Easley actually starts on the Non-Football injury list, so there should be room for one more anyway.  Pretty sure Buchanan has a spot, based on flashes last season…and youth.  Not convinced Smith makes it, but with all the uncertainty, he will probably sneak on.  I have read everywhere that despite coming from Division II, Moore has so much upside that he won’t clear waivers to the practice squad.  Maybe that is why they needed to take him the 6th round instead of the 7th.  Who knows?  But at this point I feel I have to keep him based on all the info I have seen.  But once the exhibition games start he could totally fail…again, who knows?

LB:  Jerod Mayo (L), Dont’a Hightower (L), Jamie Collins (L), James Anderson (L), Steve Beauharnais, Chris White:

I hope that with Collins’ emergence late last year that one, he is for real and two, that moves Hightower into a different role in which he can be more effective.  Dont’a hasn’t impressed many, but maybe 3rd year in the system (and a different role) this is the year.  If Collins and Dont’a don’t cut it, this area is a real concern.  Especially if Mayo doesn’t return from his injury last year with the same skills.  White makes the team based on his special teams play.  Beauharnais on his youth and potential upside.  But pickin’s beyond that are slim…from what I know anyway.  Maybe Darius Fleming is something.  And Anderson is better than a 4th linebacker.  Seems to me that this could be a position to target at the end of camp through waiver wire pickups.  Although that doesn’t necessarily excite me either.

DB:  Darrelle Revis (L), Devin McCourty (L), Alfonzo Dennard (L), Kyle Arrington (L), Logan Ryan (L), Duron Harmon (L), Nate Ebner:

Admittedly pretty light here and will definitely change.  Especially considering that Ebner is really a special teamer.  Initially, I think the Pats keep as many big bodies on the lines as possible to start the year.  The schedule is not taxing at the beginning of the year, for one.  Gives them time to evaluate some other positions before evolving in the defensive backfield.  Brandon Browner is not listed here because he is suspended for the first 4 games, for two.  Once he comes back, there will be a trim at another position.  For three, they should be able to re-sign a Patrick Chung, Justin Green, Tavon Wilson or Kanorris Davis, probably on a week-by-week basis if needed.  So you can go a little lighter here to start the season I feel.  Especially if they think Revis will just shut down his side completely.  A kink in the plans would come if a guy like Daxton Swanson or Malcolm Butler starts making some noise and warrants a roster spot.  I’m holding off on that for now though.  Looks to me they may try to stash 6th rounder Jemea Thomas on IR as well.  That could change too.

Specialists:  Stephen Gostkowski-K (L), Ryan Allen-P (L), Danny Aiken-LS:

No other kickers/punters in camp, nice easy one here.  I suppose if they wanted to save a few bucks somewhere, they could keep the kid out of Harvard (Tyler Ott) over Aiken.  I suspect that Aiken would have to bomb completely in the preseason for that to happen though.

That’s 53 between the two posts.  Surely to change a ton.  But good for now.  I’m not even going to venture (separate) guesses at the “lists” (IR, NFI, PUP…and practice squad) at this point.  Even though I did give some thoughts to these above.  But I’ll firm up those lists as time goes on.  Until next week on these…


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