The smoke has cleared…

Wow…what a day!

Red Sox fans are certainly not used to being in this position.  Sellers.  Feels weird…especially less than a year removed from winning the World Series.  Let’s take a look at each deal.  Then consider the future.

*Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes for Yoenis Cespedes and a “competitive balance” pick:  As I said the other day, I believe the Sox had no intention of re-signing Lester.  So feeling out the trade market was really the only option.  Unless you wanted to keep him on a non-contender…and then get one measly draft pick back in return.  Better to take a chance dealing him.

Gomes’ “intangibles” are wildly overrated, sorry.  And on a losing team, he is just about worthless.  Just getting him out of town works for me.  Love how he says “I’m going to a team in first place and I’m bringing the best pitcher in the game with me…”.  Even though he did say “best pitcher in the game” about Lester, he still made himself the focal point.  What a leader.  Good riddance.

Who saw major league talent coming for Lester?  Didn’t everyone think the Sox would get prospects?  In any event, Cespedes isn’t any kind of savior, but obviously has some pop.  That has been clearly lacking on this years team.  Also not a lot of pop on the horizon from the minor leagues.  Especially in the outfield.  The park should be better for Yoenis.  Maybe he hits .250, but if he’s hitting 35 bombs with the Green Monster helping inflate the numbers, so be it.  Remains to be seen if he is in their long term plans though.  Only signed through next year.  I still feel that they will make a run at Giancarlo Stanton in the offseason and Cespedes may be affected by that move.  Better than expected return for Lester here I say.

*John Lackey and Corey Littrell for Joe Kelly and Allen Craig:  Admittedly don’t know anything about Littrell.  But with all the young pitching prospects the Sox have, he was likely expendable anyway.  Again, Lackey ain’t pitching for 500K next year.  That would have been more of an issue as this lost season wore on.  Good time to ship him out.  I’m not in love with Kelly, but he still may have some upside and is a decent piece.  Hopefully Craig regains some of the form from the last couple years.  Cuz he has been putrid this year it seems.  So unless Littrell becomes a superstar, seems like a fair return for Lack.

*Andrew Miller for Eduardo Rodriguez:  Know nothing about Rodriguez.  But I know enough about Miller.  He has been pretty good, but as I’ve said before, he is just a middle reliever.  They’ll find another one.  My last fond memory of Miller was being at the afternoon game at Fenway on 7/10/14.  Koji choked a save and then they brought in Andrew for the 10th.  Some dude near me on the right field roof deck starts pacing and screaming “MILLER TIME??  MILLER TIME??  IT’S OVER…I’M GOING TO COPPERFIELDS”.  And he did leave.  Miller actually got the win that day too.  Funny.

Anyway, Eduardo seems to be a legit prospect and people are saying Sox got a good one.  I’ll take their word for it.  You have to imagine for the Sox to trade someone within the division, they asked for more.  Thanks to the Duke for this one if it pans out.  Must have killed him to give anyone good to this ownership group…you know, the ones that fired him years ago when the Duke thought he was getting a piece of the team.  Then the Duke was out of major league baseball for like 10 years.  Actually was schlepping around Nashua, NH with an independent team…managed by Dauber himself…Brian Daubach.  Aaaah, great memories…

*Stephen Drew and cash for Kelly Johnson:  I have no use for Johnson, but I have less use for Drew.  So this works for me.  Johnson is on the DL anyway.  I actually thought he could be a sleeper this year, with his power and him playing in Yankee Stadium.  Thought he would get plenty of ABs too, with that wretched Yankee infield.  Turns out he did squat…or even less.  Now he’s here.  Hopefully won’t see him until the rosters expand in September…and not much after that either.  My feelings are clear on Drew, always have been.  What a waste of money this year though.

*Felix Doubront for “Player to be Named Later”:  Felix basically talked his way out of town.  Well, he pitched his way out of town, but his words did nothing to help him.  His whole tenure with the Sox was disappointing, to state the obvious.  But after coming into camp in 2013 out of shape, he eventually had a decent year and was key in the World Series.  I thought he would springboard off that in 2014…not into greatness, mind you.  But take another step forward…#3 starter perhaps?  He was atrocious.  Then spouted off about getting demoted to the bullpen, despite being given plenty of chances to stay in the rotation.  Then he quit in his last appearance for the Sox.  6 runs in 2/3 IP?  Awful.  Paved the way out of town.  Don’t know who the Cubs are sending yet, but it’s actually a decent gamble for the Cubs to be truthful.

I remain mystified as to why they did not entertain offers for Koji Uehara.  Doesn’t make sense to me with all the factors I cited in my last piece (age, contract status, potential for breakdown, ability of teams to “fall” into closers, etc.).  But other than that, the Red Sox seemed to make the most out of this day.  I wouldn’t have minded seeing guys like Carp, Mujica, Breslow and Badenhop departing, but you really aren’t getting much for those bums, so you may as well keep them.  For now anyway.  And with Victorino’s injuries and Buchholz’ wild inconsistency, now is not the time to talk about trading them either.

We’ll chat about the future next…this year and beyond…


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