Keep the line moving…

Jake Peavy is gone.  Thanks for helping the Sox in 2013.  But 1-9, 4.72 ain’t gonna do it for us this year.  Can’t even believe that they got a couple bodies for him.  Maybe they make it, maybe they don’t.  But the return is acceptable.  Keith Law is some kind of minor league expert for the four letter network.  But how he thought you could get anything more for Peavy is beyond me.  I don’t care what your “sabermetrics” tell me.

Who is next?  Who should be next?  I’ll tell you here:

*Jon Lester–I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  A few things.  I am never in favor of giving long term contracts…to anyone.  In any sport.  But I think the circumstances dictate giving one to Lester.  Lackey may be gone.  Buchholz is unpredictable.  Doubront hasn’t panned out.  Peavy is gone.  There are 7 kids next in line, but who is to say any of them will make it?  Makes sense to give the “leader” his deal.  Bring stability to an uncertain staff.  Take them to the next generation.  Maybe the Sox have to eat some dough.  So be it.  They have it.  Better Lester than some dude that you don’t know if they can’t handle Boston at all.  Even if he isn’t a true “ace”.  Just do it.

But I don’t think the Sox had any intention from Day One of re-signing him.  Real lowball initial offer.  Just like Damon and all the rest.  The owners can tell the fans “we tried to sign him”…though the fans know better…or they should.  Bottom line…seems like the Sox don’t want him back by their negotiation efforts.  Lester is going to test the market…and some team (Yankees?) will break the bank for him.  May as well send him out at the deadline and see what the return is.

Again, to be clear, I do NOT want to do this.  But I feel it has come to this point.  See what’s out there.

*Koji Uehara–I don’t know why this is even debatable.  LOVE this dude.  But he is a 39 year old closer.  The Sox’ FOURTH choice to close last year.  Someone who hasn’t put in a lot of full seasons since he has been in the States, due mostly to injury.  Free agent at end of the year…though they can tender him at a cool 15 mil or so at the end of the year (a la Drew).  If someone is willing to back up the truck, why are we waiting?  Even if they are willing to give SOME sort of decent return?  We know closers are fungible, so is Koji, whether Sox fans are willing to admit this or not.  Not going to win anything this year…makes total sense to deal.  What are they waiting for?

*Andrew Miller–Putting up some serious numbers this year.  But in close situations he is losing games.  Is he piling up Ks in meaningless situations?  Maybe.  May have finally harnessed his talents, but are you willing to gamble 3 years, 21 million in the offseason that it is permanent?  Me neither.  Middle relievers are interchangable.  Someone else will have these numbers next year.  Deal him for something now.

*John Lackey–Tough to consider dealing Lackey AND Lester.  But Lack ain’t pitching for 500K next year.  So see what’s out there.  Take it from there.

*Clay Buchholz–OK, this is pushing it.  And the value would be low.  So it may be better to keep him for now.  See if he throws a no-no in September against minor leaguers and maybe his value goes up in offseason.

*Breslow, Badenhop, Doubront, Mujica–Ain’t gonna get a case of sunflower seeds for these guys, so may as well keep them.  Maybe put Felix back in rotation and see if you can soak someone in the offseason.

*Jonny Gomes–Maybe someone else will buy the “leadership” crock.  Although he does hit lefties.  He and Nava make a pretty good LF platoon I admit.  But on a losing team, and Gomes being an impending free agent…if someone bites, let him go.  His huge ego takes up too much space in the locker room anyway…

*Stephen Drew–Goes without saying.  MAYBE this would have been a good signing…if they were the same team as last year.  Shiiiii-iiite, I saw him make a few stellar defensive plays tonight.  But never liked this signing…they couldn’t have given him 3 mil?  Maybe someone else will take the bait.  Move Xander back to SS to see really if he can hack it.  Just shouldn’t be here period.

*Shane Victorino–While he is hot and “healthy”!!  Ok, wishful thinking.

*Mike Carp–Really, are we even talking about this arsehat??  He requested a trade recently.  Does he know he is Mike Carp?

Think that covers everyone.  Consider packaging prospects for a bat…not likely until the offseason, but see if that angle hits.

It’s just time to face facts.  Sox are done.  Look at the future.



About mpdenton

I am a passionate and life long fan of the local teams...and by local I mean New England. I remember the days of Ray Bourque, Larry Bird, Steve Grogan and Wade Boggs...meaning I have lived the highs and lows of the Boston sports scene. With all this pent up Boston sports emotion, I clearly have a lot to say about the local teams and sometimes about sports in general. Maybe even the Revolution... I appreciate you reading my blog and hope you enjoy my rants.

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  1. Agree with your points. Unfortunately I think some more minor deals will be made – carp for a rosin bag, miller for something half decent (I heard the Pirates are looking for bullpen help, maybe package miller and koji for some of their OF prospects which are suppose to be legit), gomes rumored to KC I would drive him to the Midwest to get his overinflated ego out of here otherwise I bet that is it.

    They don’t have the backbone to move Lester. Something tells me that Henry will cave after the WS and sign him to a big contract. Henry might be old but he isn’t totally blind to the backlash the Red Sox will suffer this offseason if Lester doesn’t come back.

    What about the likes of Middlebrooks?

    • I’d take a rosin bag for Carp! I think they may have the backbone to move Lester, to be honest. Larry is a cold businessman and if Ben puts something together, he will sign off on it and Henry will buy it too. As I said, I believe their actions have indicated that they are willing to move on from Lester. I think they are also surprised Lester has had the year he has had as well. Ben will have to see if he can be Theo for a deal. Not that I loved Theo, but I’m talking the one particular deal Theo made with trading Nomar. If Ben has the stones to put something together, it will be signed off on, I am convinced.

      As for Middlebrooks, it just doesn’t make sense to deal him now. His value is pretty low. I suppose he could come up and certainly decrease his value by continuing to play poorly, but I am willing to take that chance. What I would do is keep him at Pawtucket and play him in LF and 1B. Then when spots open up, hopefully by moving Gomes, Drew and Carp this week, he can return to the big club. I would platoon him with Nava in LF, play him at 3rd with Holt sometimes (moving Xander back to SS) and spot him in at 1B for Napoli every 7 to 10 days or so. Then see what happens the rest of the year.

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