WTF Pete?!

So the opening of NHL free agency was a few days ago.  And the Bruins did absolutely nothing.  Now, they couldn’t really do much, seeing they are within 2 millions dollars of the salary cap.  They have some restricted free agents to sign.  The money being thrown around on Day One was absolutely silly.  Foolish.  And they didn’t really lose anyone of tremendous significance.

You may say losing Jerome Iginla was significant.  I say no…well, maybe.  I’m not giving a 37 year old player a 3 year deal for 16M plus.  No matter how great his career has been.  No matter how well he meshed with Krejci and Lucic.  No way.  But they certainly need to replace his production.

Losing Chad Johnson, Shawn Thornton and Andrej Meszaros was definitely not significant.  Side note:  How did Thornton get a 2 year deal from anyone, for 1.2M per?  And 4M plus for Mez?  Wow.  That pretty much defines the silly money right there.

I’ve generally been a fan of Peter Chiarelli over the years.  I always appreciate his honesty.  Most of the stuff that comes out of his mouth you can take at face value.  While other GMs in town lie through their teeth.  But right now I wish Pete would start lying.  Because I have no interest in hearing what he has been saying lately.

The biggest news from him during the free agency period may have been that they are fielding offers for Jordan Caron.  Jordan Caron?  Someone wants him?  But…who cares anyway.  Caron has not cashed in on any of his many chances.  Time to move on.  Certainly not big news.

Ok maybe the biggest news from him during this period has been regarding the moves he is NOT making.  He is NOT trading Brad Marchand.  He is NOT buying out anyone.  He is looking at some trades…he may do some, he may not.  All somewhat disheartening to hear.

There are several buyout candidates on their current roster.  When you are up against the cap and need to still sign restricted free agents and also bring more production in, you need to consider this avenue.  As much as they may not want to.  I will admit, I do not know the exact rules on who you can buy out, how many players you can use it with, or if there is a total dollar amount or whatever.  But there are plenty of candidates for it.  One should at least go.

Chris Kelly is a no-brainer.  3M a year for the next 2.  He is a serviceable player, but not at that dough.  Not when you need the space either.  See ya.  I’ve heard that he may not be eligible because he was hurt last year.  I hope that is not true, but too bad if it is.  Adam McQuaid is another at almost 1.6M.  B’s have defensive depth and he is a 3rd pairing D at best anyway.  But his may be an injury thing too.  As much as I appreciate Greg Campbell and even Daniel Paille, 1.6M and 1.3M respectively is far too much for a 4th line forward.  Especially when they have kids seemingly ready to contribute on the 4th line at short money.  Any combination of these guys could go.

And not considering trading a guy like Marchand is a mistake.  His contract was joke from the beginning.  But his production and presence on the ice does not match the dollar amount.  He used to provide both some point production and some peskiness that may have approached the dollar figure.  Especially in the playoffs.  Not in the last couple of seasons. Money could be better spent elsewhere.

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a number of times.  I’m going to say it again:  Consider moving Zdeno Chara.  37 years old, Claude plays him too much unnecessarily in the regular season.  Has worn down in the playoffs the last couple years (admittedly, injuries have contributed too).  7 mil a year on the books for the next 3, 4M the 4th year.  Still a top notch D-man.  But things will only get worse.  To me, it’s good business to see what you could get for him on the market.  The return will only go down over the rest of his contract.  They still have Seidenberg, Boychuck and all the kids to back up the move.  They could sign a vet for much cheaper to fill a hole at the bottom of the roster.  It just makes too much sense to me to consider it.  Why does no one ever talk about it?  It’s not like he has spent his whole career in Boston, like Bergeron.  That may be different.  But you have to consider this option.  Especially when Krejci, Soderberg and Boychuk will be due after next year.  There is more money you will need.

Regardless, I’m willing to give Chiarelli more time this offseason to figure it out.  It is still early.  But he needs to do something.  Moving Loui Eriksson up to the first line and throwing Justin Florek or Matt Fraser up to replace him on the 3rd and doing nothing else doesn’t excite me.  Nor will it excite anyone else.

Get something done Pete…



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