Bruins at the deadline…and another thing…

Let’s start with the “other thing”…and briefly.  The Sox and Marlins played to a 0-0 tie in spring training yesterday.  It is like the 2nd week of spring training, maybe the 8th game or something for both.  I’d look up the exact details, but just like most things in MLB spring training, it’s pretty irrelevant.

Anyway, the Sox apparently traveled the three hours for the game and the Marlins jacked up the ticket prices because well, the WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON RED SOX were in town.  Only problem was the WORLD CHAMPION’S weren’t actually in town.  Since it’s early in spring training, who would expect the Opening Day lineup to be in tow?  I guess the Marlins did.  They were outraged when the Sox brought no one of significance…unless you could Jackie Bradley Jr. or Ryan Lavarnway.  I don’t think the Marlins counted them though.

The silliest thing about this whole brouhaha is that it appears MLB has an actual rule where teams are required to play “4 major league regulars or players who platooned regularly the previous year and play them at least three innings.”  And that also that fraud Joe Torre is actually “looking into it”.  Pretty unbelievable…everything about it.  IT IS SPRING TRAINING!  Teams should do whatever they want to do.  And teams should also not charge ridiculous prices to boot.  That’s really the crux of the matter.

If I were the Marlins, I’d be more worried about them playing most of their regulars (including Salty hitting cleanup…ouch) and having them be shut down by the likes of Allen Webster and Drake Britton.

Anyway, to the B’s…like most Bruin fans, I was pretty disappointed that they were only able to get a couple of “depth” defensemen at the deadline.  I was actually hoping for something bigger.  Instead, we got the Wade Redden treatment of last year.  Potter was generally a minor leaguer and Meszaros was a last pairing D-man by all indications.  Most people would agree they needed a top-4 D-man, someone who can reasonably replace Seidenberg.  Someone who could take some pressure off the kids, who are largely offensive minded.  That of course didn’t happen.

I kind of have a “love-hate” relationship with Peter Chiarelli.  He has said some dumb things in the past.  When they were up 3 games to none on Philly in 2010 and lost the series, “We are one of only five teams to be in the second round of the playoffs the last two years”, as if that matters.  2012, after losing in the first round to the Caps, “In a lot of the exit interviews the guys told me that this year felt like one big long year, with the long Cup run and all last year…”  I would never admit that.  Maybe the players partied too much after the Cup win.  Regardless, I wouldn’t want players making excuses like that.  I don’t want those guys on my team…seemingly guys that gave up because the previous year was a long year, etc.  Stupid.  But the B’s have been competitive, won a Cup and went to another.  So I have to deal with his dumb comments from time to time.  Kind of like the same thing with Claude.  Never necessarily loved his system, but it has gotten results here.  So who am I to complain?

So Chiarelli had a few more gems from his presser after the dealine, according to me, “no one ever judges us as having won at the deadline, so I guess it’s the same this year” and “sometimes the talks you have at the deadline lay the groundwork for future deals”…as if I care about the future at this current point in time.  I think he needs to have a better PR person…or someone that just speaks for him at the pressers.  But another resonated with me, “we could use the long term injury exception for Savard and Dennis and also possibly Adam…”  Meaning McQuaid.  That would essentially mean he would be done for the season if they used that exception for him.  Not that I am a huge McQuaid fan, but he is a solid piece, someone that is more defensive oriented than the kids.  And probably more of a sure thing than the two new guys.  To me, if McQuaid is possibly gone, that would place more urgency on getting something significant done.

Add in the fact some of the names out there were getting dealt for not much.  Pete should have gotten something bigger done.  Let’s not even talk about Vanek for a 2nd rounder…to Montreal of all places.  Love to see a guy that kills the B’s historically go to a team that people around here are pretty afraid of more than anyone else if this was a playoff matchup.  Awesome.  Pete probably channeled his inner Lou Gorman (“what would we do with Willie McGee?  Where would we play him?”…but that’s a story for a different day.

Add into it also the news that came out today, about the B’s having a deal done in principle for Alexander Edler.  I honestly don’t know much about Edler.  He must be ok if Vancouver locked him up until 2019 at 5 million per.  He plays a ton of minutes.  He’s only 27.  But I haven’t heard him being mentioned about him being elite or anything.  He’s a minus 27 this year…pretty bad no matter what team you are on.  And why would Vancouver want to dump him?  For apparently Bartkowski and Khokhlachev and maybe a pick?  (I suppose another question would be why do the B’s want to dump those two…as they were the guys in the failed Iginla deal last year also).  Lot of questions there too.  But why would the B’s make a deal contingent upon another team making a deal?  Which is why this one broke down.  Pittsburgh was making a play for Ryan Kesler and when that fell through, the Boston deal did too.  Not sure why they still couldn’t make it.  Or why the B’s relied on it.

Only time will tell if the lack of activity will hurt them.  One positive?  Looks like Pittsburgh didn’t get anything major done.  I suppose that is one small victory.



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