Wrapping up the MLB trade deadline…

Both Red Sox and other Major League team comments:

*Have had a couple of days to process the Peavy/Iglesias (& prospects) trade.  I’m all in.  For several reasons.  Some were alluded to the other day.

a)  Anytime you can add a proven, quality major league starter for a limited cost, of course you should do it.  Peavy is not the guy who won the 2007 Cy Young, no question.  But he is not Ryan Dempster either, as some have said.

b)  No one knows if Buchholz is coming back.  Lackey has exceeded expectations thus far, will he continue to pitch well?  So has Doubront, and you can ask the same question, especially as his innings pile up.  Dempster has been about as expected, even after getting shelled tonight (giving up a grand slam to a 41 year old backup catcher hitting .176, no less).  He’s ok though, but no more.  Lester has been up and down.  Workman has been good, but as teams gather info on him, would it have lasted?  Webster was largely ineffective earlier this year.  Aceves (ha!) is essentially gone.  No one knows if any of the “kids” will be able to show anything…this year.  Throwing a capable starter into the mix is a good thing.

c)  Giving up Iglesias is not the end of the world.  The Sox have Bogaerts and Marrero and others down on the farm at SS.  They have Middlebrooks (wasted year, but don’t give up on him) and Cecchini for 3B.  There is “organizational depth”, as Ben Cherington loves to say.  Yes, none of those guys have proven anything on the major league level.  But has Iglesias really?  He had an incredible run for two months or so with the bat.  Detractors liked to point to his high “batting average of balls put in play” and high number of infield hits.  I can agree with the first one to some degree, but who cares about the infield hits?  Betcha Ichiro has a ton of those too.  In any event, those two months were likely to be it.  You don’t bat .257 career in the minors (.202 in AAA this year) and all of a sudden hit .300 in the majors going forward.  I know the point with him is his absolutely incredible defense.  And I was the first guy saying at the beginning of the year to give him the SS job and let him play himself out of it.  Why do they have to sign that stiff Drew for 9.5 mil, when “they aren’t going anywhere anyway?” (ok, may have been wrong about that one…I’ll finally come around on the whole team…someday).  If he hits .230-.240, he needs to be at SS every day.  But there would always be the question if he could actually hit .230-.240.  No one really knows if his improved habits at the plate will be permanent, or at least make his future brighter at the dish.  He still had things to prove himself.

d)  I know the Sox gave up three more prospects in the deal.  From all indications these guys do not have much of a ceiling, though they all do have some skills.  Time will tell on these guys, but at the very least they are a long, long way away from the majors.  If Iggy has a long career and wins a ton of Gold Gloves (though don’t get me going on those awards as they are often given to the best OFFENSIVE player at the position…for some reason.  Ask Jetes.  Or Raffy Palmeiro the year he played 28 games at 1st and won it.  Even Josh Reddick last year.  No one was talking Gold Gloves for him when he was with the Sox.  But he hits 32 dongs and he gets one.  Wonder if he gets one this year, with his 5 homers and .214 average so far.  But I digress…), the other three guys have at least some success in the major leagues and Peavy is average at best and is gone at the end of his contract, well…then it may not be a good trade of course.  But there is a ways to go before any of that comes to light.

e)  It would appear that the Sox had lost some faith in Iglesias a long time ago.  Probably last year or the year before.  They probably would have dealt him anyway, why not now?  When you have at least a capable defensive SS in Drew (as much as it pains me to say it), who may actually contribute more with the bat down the stretch as well (as much as it pains me to say that too).

f)  Let’s hold off on comparing Iggy to Omar Vizquel please.  Or Ozzie Smith or anyone of the same ilk.  Defensively, as we have said repeatedly, he may be just as good.  But those 2 guys in particular ended up cobbling together 2,800-plus and 2,400-plus hits respectively, so they were able to stick and play many years.  Iggy could just as well turn out to be Rey Ordonez…or even like someone as putrid as Jackie Gutierrez or something…

g)  Sox got a decent pitcher and didn’t have to give up any of the most popular prospect names you hear…Bogaerts, Bradley Jr., Barnes, Webster, Ranaudo, Owens, etc…still can work these guys into major moves in the future if needed.  Or of course keep them and hope they are studs.

Guess that about sums it up for that trade…now watch Iggy hit .450 the rest of the year, with highlight plays every night and Peavy blow out his arm this Saturday…

Other thoughts:

*This “we can’t bring Bogaerts up because we need the 40-man roster space” talk is nonsense and insulting to everyone who knows better.  They can move Bailey and Buchholz to the 60-day DL.  They can DFA any number of guys that should clear waivers and if they don’t, who cares?  Among them, Beato, de la Torre, Butler, Snyder, Hassan and…Daniel Bard.  Bard is done here, my friends.  He may be done everywhere.  He’s missed 3 months with an abdominal strain?  Ummmmm…ok…

*I’m not afraid of the O’s getting Bud Norris.  Bud Norris?!  Especially when they lost Hammel, who has been bad this year anyway.

*Tampa may have stole a Sox target in Jessie Crain.  But they just lost Matt Moore for a while.  And when will Crain be ready to pitch?

*Yanks may be waiting too late to call up and use Michael Pineda in some capacity, if he is truly healthy.

*What the hell happened to Ian Kennedy?  Awful with Yanks as youngster, pretty good on transition to NL.  Now awful again and exiled to the Padres?

*The Royals have won 9 in a row and are 6.5 back in the division and 4.5 back in the wild card.  Do they think they are in it?  Did that make them trade for Justin Maxwell then?  Justin Maxwell puts them over the top?

*Pirates apparently made a huge offer for Giancarlo Stanton.  The Pirates.  Would love to see the details on that one.

*Guess the Phillies were asking too much for Lee, Papelbon and Young.  Or no one actually wanted Papelbon, Young, or Lee’s contract.

*One move no one is talking about…Brian Wilson to the Dodgers.  If he can pitch down the stretch for them, even for a couple of weeks and potentially the playoffs…huge.

*The Braves were excited for the prospect of getting Brandon Beachy back, as they were essentially getting “a trade deadline pick up”.  Then Hudson fractured his ankle.  And Beachy got hammered in his first start back.  The Downs move was good for them though.

I think I’ve said too much…


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  1. I think Jeter is a LOCK for the gold glove this season…

    • I wish I could laugh at this comment…it wouldn’t shock me in the least bit. I’m surprised he didn’t win the All-Star voting either…despite playing zero games in the first half…

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